3 Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice

If you haven’t implemented technology into your patient experience yet, what are you waiting for?

Updated 6/30/20

More and more we are hearing about the importance of a positive patient experience. Patient behaviors are increasingly influenced by technology, so their expectations from their providers are changing. If you haven’t implemented technology into your patient experience yet, here are three ways to modernize your dental practice.

1. Discreet Appointment Confirmations

Although your patients may appreciate the courtesy ‘appointment confirmation’ phone call your front office makes every month, they may not always be able to answer and speak to someone at that very moment. Your office hours are most likely the same hours as your patients’ work schedule. But if you introduce more technology solutions into your practice you can offer your patients the option—voice, text or email confirmations. Which do they prefer?

You can also explain how each confirmation works, as none of the options require speaking to a representative at your practice. The patient simply needs to dial a single number to confirm, or respond to the text message. With Patient Engage, your staff will receive these confirmations in real-time and will be able to easily view them in Dentrix.

2. Missed Appointment Reminders

You can send a reminder the day of a patient’s appointment, but life happens. Sometimes days get too busy and patients may still forget. What’s important in this situation is to remind that patient to reschedule their missed appointment. This is critical in whether or not this person becomes a lost patient, which is not good for their health or your business.

The most efficient way to send this reminder is via email. Include a ‘Request Appointment’ button within the email so the patient can get back on your schedule easily and during a time that’s convenient for them, and allow them access to the Appointment Dashboard in Patient Portal so they can view their past and upcoming appointments.

3. Appointment Opportunities when Booked

Most patients understand that they may not be able to make an appointment on short notice. However, if your front office is organized, you could add them to your Hot List. A Hot List is a list of patients who have requested an appointment, but the date and time they requested is not available. This comes in handy if there is a cancellation, and is most efficient when tracked digitally.

You can create a custom Hot List using the Appointment List in Dentrix. Your staff can access this list at any time, and contact the patient with a pending appointment via email or text with just a couple of clicks. This accommodates your patient’s schedule and helps you reduce no-shows.

Implementing technology into your patient experience is the most efficient way to make it positive, and keep them coming back. The idea is to make visiting their doctor as simple as possible, while still communicating in a way that isn’t time consuming for you and your staff.

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By Elizabeth Velez, Dental Marketing Expert

Originally published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, October 2018