Dentrix Version Changes

Dentrix changes version naming to prepare for faster innovation.

As you may know, Dentrix has recently implemented a continuous release cycle to provide smaller, more customer-focused releases. This means a faster delivery cycle, roughly every eight weeks. How does this benefit you? Smaller, more frequent releases mean higher quality versions, quicker fixes, and features heavily focused on customer feedback. With focus on these new processes, we are renaming Dentrix releases.

Moving forward, we’ll simply be naming these releases by year.number_release_in_year. As an example, after Dentrix G7.9, the next version will be Dentrix 22.5. The number 22 represents the year (2022), and the number 5 represents the chronological number of that release in that calendar year. You can always find what version of Dentrix is installed by opening any module and clicking Help > About Dentrix.

We feel it is more important than ever that you update your Dentrix software regularly so you are always on the latest version of Dentrix. Recently, Dentrix released a silent automatic updater that lets you schedule when an update should run automatically. Enabling this silent automatic updater will allow Dentrix to have the latest security updates, bug fixes, and features. Remaining on older versions of software can lead to security vulnerabilities and more difficult conversions to the latest release, if Dentrix is quite out of date.

Let’s recap.

  • Dentrix and Henry Schein One are committed to releasing solid, reliable software and doing it more often—stick with us for great new features as well as solid performance.
  • Don’t be afraid to upgrade—The latest versions of Dentrix can silently install the latest updates automatically, and we’re releasing smaller, more manageable bundles of features and fixes.
  • Our new release nomenclature and how we market releases should make it simpler to understand where you are and what you might be missing. Don’t worry about which version you’re going to! Dentrix is here to help you get up to the most current version and remain current for a better experience.

Thank you for being our customer! We’re excited to take Dentrix to new places now and in the future.

To keep up with the latest Dentrix releases, visit our What’s New Blog.