3 Ways to Stop Losing Money on Aging A/R

QuickBill Email lets you offer an online payment method that is convenient for patients and more cost-effective for your practice.

A dental business model may seem straightforward: You earn money through dentistry, and your patients pay you. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t work that smoothly in real life. The cost of your collection practices, such as the time your team spends following up on unpaid balances, devalues the money you earned for work you performed. But when you let accounts age too long to where you have to write them off, you can lose more money than you’re owed.

Stop losing money. Switching to an electronic billing solution will help you start saving money in these three ways.

Reduce the cost of collecting payments

Many dentists follow a standard accounts receivable (A/R) practice of writing off small balances because printing and mailing a statement in office can cost more than the amount being invoiced. Instead of saying that’s the way it has to be, why not use your electronic billing solution to make collections cost less?

Electronic statement notifications skip the expenses of ink, paper, envelopes, postage, and more. Suddenly, that statement with a $10 balance is worth sending, and all those small balances collected add up!

Improve how quickly cash flows to you

When patients receive statement balances with the option to pay online whenever it’s convenient for them, including right then and there from their smart device, you may be surprised how many pay within minutes. Better yet, you don’t have to wait for a batch of statements to be ready to process.

When you switch to emailed statement notifications, you can send as many (or as few) as you want, as often as you want, with a few clicks of a mouse. Getting paid faster means your cash is flowing to where it belongs: your practice.

Make statements simple and memorable for patients

Out of sight, out of mind. That paper statement you send often ends up in a pile of mail that a patient will take care of “later.” Could your statements be getting tossed in that pile because the patient doesn’t understand them? Making your statements simple, easy to understand, and digital will keep them out of the “later” pile.

Let Dentrix QuickBill Email help you stop losing money

Dentrix QuickBill Email keeps you in control of your statements. This solution gives you the ability to add custom messages, just like you would with paper statements produced in office. QuickBill Email also provides many options for what you want on the statement, how it will appear, and whether any patients will be excluded from the batch you send. And all this is on top of offering an online payment method that is convenient for patients and more cost-effective for your practice than in-office paper billing.

With Dentrix QuickBill Email, you know your statement hasn’t gotten buried in a “later” pile. You can see immediately when a patient opens the email, views their statement, and makes a payment. With that information, you can proactively reach out to those patients who have not moved to the next step, eliminating the “wait-and-see” approach of analog billing.

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