3 Ways to Streamline Your Recare Workflow

Tips for a faster recovery from COVID-19.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, your office probably had a nice, routine recare workflow. You probably did your work without even thinking about the order of the steps.

Then COVID-19 struck and you had to shut down your business. Now you’re re-opening and trying to get back to normal, but things aren’t routine or normal anymore. Now you have months of delayed prophies and exams on your hands and catching up is hard. And, on top of everything else, now you need to fit in extra COVID-19 safety precautions.

Your pre-COVID recare workflow worked well enough for you. It was comfortable and familiar. But, to paraphrase a line from a famous movie, “You’re not in Kansas anymore.” Old, familiar ways of doing things won’t help you overcome new challenges. To bounce back from COVID-19, you need new and better ways to communicate with patients, get them on the schedule, and prepare them for a faster, contactless check-in when they arrive at your office.

It’s time for a better recare workflow. We recommend these changes.

1. Patient Communications

Calling patients one by one is a time-consuming, repetitive process. There’s a good chance your front office team is sharing the same information over and over. There is a better way. With Patient Engage, you can send a welcome back email to all of your patients, and then send recare reminders to patients who need to come in for a recare appointment.

2. Patient Scheduling

During the initial months of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may have treated a few emergency patients, but you probably provided very little routine recare. You’re not going to catch up immediately, but there are things you can do to increase your capacity and efficiency, including extending your practice hours in Dentrix and offering online booking through Patient Engage.

3. Patient Forms

Your current recare check-in workflow may not accommodate the new COVID-19 precautions you’re using when patients arrive at the office. We recommend you remove steps that can be completed outside the office before the day of the appointment. Use Patient Engage to put patient forms online, and then remind patients to complete forms before they arrive at your office.

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