A Patient’s Perspective of Your Technology

Technology makes a difference in why a patient selects one dentist over another.

Updated 4/29/19

Marketing your dental practice is critical to attracting new patients. The use of technology in your reception, waiting and clinical areas is just as important in keeping those clients once your marketing has drawn them in. Today’s patients are more aware of technology and expect an office to be high-tech.

Patients perceive a high-tech office as providing a higher level of care—whether it’s true or not. Is the technology used in each of your rooms an accurate reflection of the service your patients receive? Dr. John Jameson (www.jamesonmanagement.com) suggests you look at your practice through the eyes of your patients. Would you choose to be a patient of an office that looks like yours? Does the technology in the front of your practice reflect the modern, cutting-edge service you provide in back?

That Picture is Beautiful

Many practices invest heavily in treatment area technology while neglecting to update technology in the lobby. Your treatment area is a state-of-the-art facility providing exceptional patient care, but its effect can be dampened if your visitors’ first view of your practice is a timeworn lobby. Your patients will appreciate high-definition television with engaging content and digital programming.

In addition, modern computer and phone systems make a great impression at check-in. A computer running multiple monitors makes workers more productive. For example, your scheduling coordinator will be more effective by processing patients on one screen while continuously monitoring appointments on another.

Like Bacon, Your Printing Should Be Crisp

Don’t underestimate the value of the printed page, even as you go paperless. A patient treatment plan printed on a bright white 28-pound paper using a color laser-jet printer has the advantage of a crisper, higher-quality print, while having a lower price per page than traditional inkjet devices. Replacing your aging printers with a networked color laser printer lets your patients walk away with proof you’re a modern practice. For under $800 you and your patients will be amazed by the quality of X-rays and photo prints you produce, and your team will be more productive due to the printing speed.

A Lean, Green, Paperless Machine

A key initiative for modern practices is shifting to paperless processes. It not only helps define you as a modern practice, but it also improves the efficiency of check-in and scheduling and frees up office real estate. The latest page scanners are now small enough to sit in front of a keyboard at each office workstation. This reduces logjams at shared units and allows staff to scan documents, insurance cards and driver’s licenses directly into a patient’s file without leaving their desk or waiting in line behind a coworker.

Is Your Operating System Outdated?

Windows 7 was launched over 10 years ago, and Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches for it in 2020. Tech-savvy patients can tell if you are using outdated computer systems—but more importantly, so can your software and digital dental technology. Unlike good scotch or fine wine, computers and operating systems do not get better with age. Take advantage during your next PC refresh to move to more current Microsoft operating systems.

Take advantage of Henry Schein TechCentral computer experts to update your practice to modern computers and equipment. It will ultimately save money in productivity and cost less than upgrading individual components in your office PCs.

Fuzzy Pictures and Dirty Mice

Many practices computerized their treatment areas years ago. Walk into your operatory and ask yourself, “Does my technology promote a modern image of my practice?” Television displays have undergone improvements that put them on par with computer monitors. Razor-thin LED TVs with 1080p and HDMI input provide super-bright, crystal-clear images, whether showing broadcast content, patient education or a computer display.

Take a look at other equipment—a yellow, aged keyboard or mouse is a good indication that it’s time to upgrade to new, durable input devices designed to handle disinfectants and waterproof enough to run through a dishwasher.

Stand Apart and Get Ahead

Set your practice apart with modern, high-productivity integrated technology solutions. It can be a relatively low-cost way to show your patients that you provide the highest level of care. A 36- or 48-month equipment lease allows you to budget for your investment in technology while helping maintain new equipment on a regular upgrade cycle. You will appreciate how simple upgrades to your office technology can dramatically affect how patients perceive your office.

The technology professionals at TechCentral offer a free technology assessment to help identify vulnerabilities in your practice, so you can get the IT solutions that are right for your current and future needs.

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By Jason Werner

Originally published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, October 2012