Claims Processing Food for Thought

A sure way to increase the profitability of your operations is through efficient insurance claims processing.

Let’s face it, insurance companies seem to do anything in their power to delay or even avoid making reimbursements for services rendered to their members. While your objective is to get reimbursed as quickly as possible for procedures performed, sometimes that’s easier said than done. However, there are certain steps you can take to increase the speed and likelihood of payment.

Do Your Prep Work

You should do what you can to verify insurance eligibility for your patients before any work is performed. When you are discussing treatment plans or scheduling the procedures is a perfect time to verify eligibility. Dentrix Insurance Manager gives you a way, in real-time, to perform this verification step.

Take Advantage of Integration

When it comes to processing insurance claims, time is money. The more you have to deal with software bridges and hassles of non-integrated solutions in the process, the more time it will take and the more it will cost you in the long run. While processing claims through third-party solutions may seem harmless, at the end of the day it will likely cost you more. Given that Dentrix eClaims is the only electronic claims submission tool that is natively integrated with Dentrix, claims you submit through the tool will be handled directly inside of your Dentrix system, saving time and money. Plus, you’ll be warned of necessary attachments to complete your claims, which can be obtained within Dentrix as well.

Claim Tracking Schedule

It’s a good idea to get into a regular schedule of tracking the status of the insurance claims you have submitted. A regular cadence will help make sure outstanding claims aren’t overlooked. Through Dentrix Insurance Manager you can view the current claim status of each of your submitted claims. Any claims that were rejected by the insurance carrier will be front and center so you can ensure they get corrected and resent as quickly as possible.

Quicker Access to Your Money

Utilizing Dentrix Insurance Manager and Dentrix eClaims together can decrease the average time to getting reimbursed form weeks to days, giving you quicker access to your money. The sooner you are able to get paid, the quicker you are able to put your money to work for your practice. Contact the eServices Customers Success Team at 833.471.7253 today if you would like to review ways you could increase your efficiency in claims processing at your practice.

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By Ken Woodbury, Sr. Marketing Manager, Henry Schein One

Originally published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, November 2018