Dental Symphony and Dentrix: Saving Time with Online Patient Registration

ePatient saves key time–on the phone, entering patient information, finding drug descriptions, and evaluating medical issues.

Imagine an online patient registration system that analyzes your appointment list to ensure that your patients have submitted or updated their information. Dental Symphony’s ePatient works within Dentrix G5 to ensure that your patient information is up to date and complete, allowing fast pre-treatment assessments with little effort! Using ePatient, you can filter your appointment list to select patients that you want to receive the online registration email.

“ePatient allows us to streamline appointments and seat new patients within five minutes of arrival,” according to Dr. Mandy Ashley of Kentucky. “My administrative and clinical staff love it. Patients have told us how much easier it is for them to fill out all of the registration and health history paperwork at home rather than at the office.”

After you have received the patient’s information, you can easily transfer it into the Dentrix Family File and Document Center, even before the patient arrives at your office.

But that’s only the beginning. While designing ePatient, the Dental Symphony Clinical Team asked, “What can we do to take patient registration to the next level?” The answer: automatically ask follow-up questions to get the details that really make a difference in a plan of care.

And then automatically provide a complete clinical profile which includes the following:

  • Summarized health history reports.
  • Drug descriptions.
  • Drug interactions/reactions details.
  • Highlighted critical risks.
  • Access to current literature that impacts clinical decisions.

Using ePatient saves your staff time and makes sure every patient is ready to move into care.

Other Dental Symphony Modules

Two additional online clinical modules by Dental Symphony are available on the Dental Symphony menu: eExam and eRecommendations.

With eExam, you complete your assessment of patients rapidly and thoroughly, thanks to a comprehensive and easy-to-use clinical exam form. A guided checklist allows you to rapidly record findings and abnormalities. eExam takes it from there, creating summarized reports for your patient record and for your patients.

How hard is it to be ready when it’s time to share the following with your patients?

  • Clinical findings and diagnosis
  • Disease risks
  • Preventive care
  • Financial information
  • Consent forms
  • Recall recommendations
  • Referral letters
  • Prognosis
  • Risks of not seeking care
  • Prescriptions

eRecommendations makes it easy. With minimal input from you, eRecommendations creates attractive patient care packets that are ready to print and hand to your patients before they leave your office. Use our template or customize the appearance. Offer comprehensive and helpful care by sending your patients home with much more than an invoice.

The Dental Symphony menu offers you superior online patient registration and unique and helpful tools for bolstering your patient records and treatment, all from the comfort of your Dentrix G5 system.

You can start using it today by going to to begin your 45-day free trial.

The Dental Symphony menu dynamically shares information between Dental Symphony and Dentrix. Using the menu you can do the following:

  • Analyze your Dentrix appointment list for patients needing to register or update information before their appointment.
  • Connect your patients to your online patient registration portal.
  • Transfer patient data directly into the Dentrix Family File and Document Center.
  • View clinical summaries of each patient’s health history and pertinent clinical support information tailored to each patient.
  • Employ eExam’s clinical examination forms.
  • Create recommendation forms and Patient Care Packets.

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By Tom F. Cockerell, Jr., DDS, Lead designer and CEO of Dental Symphony

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Summer 2014