Dentrix Smart Image Connector for SOTA Image Now Available

KaVo Kerr Signs for DEXIS and DTX Studio Connectors – Beta Testers Welcomed for Vatech, Apteryx, Acteon Sopro, and Air Techniques.

The Dentrix Smart Image connector for SOTA Image Software is now available for Dentrix practices using G7.0 or higher. The new connector interfaces with SOTA Image version 2.6 (or higher).  Dentrix users who want to install this latest two-way connector should call Dentrix Support at 1-800-DENTRIX, Option 2 for details.

During April, KaVo Kerr signed an agreement to interface imaging systems through Smart Image. Planning currently is underway for the first two KaVo Kerr connectors: DTX Studio and DEXIS. More details will be announced in the future, and updates can also be viewed at by clicking on the vendor name.

Dentrix Smart Image is changing the ways Dentrix practices manage their imaging processes.  Every Smart Image connector lets users initiate acquisition of CDT-tagged images from the Dentrix Patient Chart.  Next, it automatically opens the imaging software to acquire the images. Thumbnail versions of completed images then appear in the Patient Chart thumbnail tray for easy search and viewing.

For some vendors, Smart Image also automates key aspects of the digital imaging workflow—saving users time and effort by removing a number of manual processes. This includes posting completed imaging procedures to the Dentrix Ledger, and updating patient recare records to show the date of image acquisitions.

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Originally published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, May 2019