Dentrix Smart Image is Here

Learn how this new feature automates clinical workflow, improves treatment plan acceptance, and helps you build patient relationships.

For many years, Henry Schein had an exclusive distribution and integration partnership with DEXIS imaging. The integration between DEXIS and Henry Schein has helped many offices provide better care for their patients by bringing patient images right into the Dentrix Patient Chart so they can be easily referenced and used in diagnosis and treatment planning.

In September of 2017, the eight-year exclusive partnership between Henry Schein and DEXIS ended, opening the doors for us to bring the value of fully integrated imaging with Dentrix to more vendors. Dentrix Smart Image is the result of many years of feedback and research that will help many more offices simplify and automate imaging steps in clinical care.

Dentrix Smart image will improve productivity in your office in three ways. It will help you automate steps in your clinical workflow, it will help you create  compelling treatment plans for your patients, and it will help you preserve a record for the continuum of care.

Automated Clinical Workflows

Smart Image is the first step of several initiatives to automate more of the work you do in your dental office. With Smart Image, we have created the ability to launch the image software and arm the proper imaging device without the need to leave the Dentrix Patient Chart. When you launch the imaging software and acquire the image, the selected procedure codes are then automatically posted to the patient’s ledger.

Compelling Treatment Plans

One way to improve profitability in your practice is to find ways to increase acceptance of treatment plans. Using Dentrix Smart Image is one small change that offices can make to improve treatment case acceptance. In Smart Image you can view multiple image modalities from multiple vendors on a monitor and use these images to tell a compelling story to the patient. In that conversation you can use those images as visual aids to explain important details, and make sure that your patients know the why, what, and how of the proposed treatment plan.

Building Relationships

I have been going to the same dentist for 30 years. The staff at my dental office know me and greet me by name when I walk in. They remember that I chipped my front teeth in a bike crash when I was eleven years old because they are the ones who restored my teeth.

Most patients value personal relationships with their dentist and dental staff and will appreciate efforts made to strengthen that relationship. Smart Image is a tool that will help you build relationships with your patients by keeping track of your patients’ dental imaging history right in your practice management software. Smart Image makes it easy for you to access more patient information quickly through a seamless integration without searching through separate software for a history of patient images.

So, what imaging software do you use? Sopro by Acteon? Romexis by Planmeca? Sidexis 4 by Dentsply Sirona? Chances are that you may even use a combination of these tools as you capture 2D and 3D images. The good news is that the opportunity now exists for any of these vendors to integrate. We already have working integrations with several vendors, and we will be building more of these connections over the coming months. Please check out our Smart Image webpage,, to see the status of the connectors that are being built, and to learn more about Smart Image.

By Ben Nielsen, Dentrix Product Manager

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Winter 2018