The DEXIS Smart Image Connector is Now Available

If you use DEXIS with your Dentrix system, now you can connect your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow with the DEXIS Smart Image connector. This connector keeps the basic functionality and integration of the DEXIS Integrator for Dentrix™ while also delivering new time savings, clinical care enhancements and increased revenue opportunities. With the DEXIS Smart Image connector, you have access to new automated workflows that can:

  • Streamline your imaging processes even further. For each new image acquisition, automated workflows save you steps and time by (1) posting images to the Ledger for payment, (2) updating image dates in Continuing Care for future eligibility, and (3) entering Progress Notes to support proper documentation.
  • Enhance your clinical care. Smart Image provides easy access to images from many imaging vendors—including DEXIS—all in one combined thumbnail tray. Images can be of six types, including 2D, 3D, and CAD/CAM. Finding the images you need is simplified because you can filter by date, image type, or vendor. Diagnoses and treatment plan presentations are easier than ever because you can open and view any four images for side-by-side comparisons—without leaving the Patient Chart.
  • Capitalize on your revenue opportunities. Because Smart Image posts each image to the Ledger, there’s no overlooking billable imaging procedures. Then, when you are ready to submit eClaims, Smart Image automatically attaches images to eClaims to support timely, accurate insurance reimbursements.1

The Smart Image Connector for DEXIS works with any version of Dentrix G7 (G7.0 or higher).  However, to get optimal performance, you want to be on Dentrix G7.3. All features of Smart Image work with G7.0 through G7.2—except for automated eClaims attachments.  Dentrix G7.3 allows Smart Image to automatically attach images to your Henry Schein eClaims.

And the best part? Smart Image is available at no additional cost to you with your Dentrix support plan.

Learn More

To see additional details on how Smart Image—as your replacement for Integrator2—gives you much, much more,visit  Or, if you want information on how to get started immediately using Smart Image, find directions by clicking our Frequently Asked Questions for DEXIS users.

1 - Automatic image attachments are available only if you are processing claims through Henry Schein.
2 - Dentrix Smart Image for DEXIS replaces DEXIS Integrator. It does NOT replace DEXIS Imaging software. 
Instead, it works interactively with the DEXIS Imaging software. Practices should maintain licenses and support for DEXIS Imaging as needed.
DEXIS Integrator for Dentrix ™ is a licensed trademark of KaVo Dental.

 Published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, December 2019