Help Your New Hires Get Off the Ground Faster

Dentrix Essentials online learning is the perfect resource for training new team members.

Updated 1/25/23

Staff turnover is one of the most common problems in dental offices, and it causes reduced efficiency and decreased production in every office. After all, you can’t cancel appointments and shut the office down while you hire and train new team members.

So, what can you do to minimize disruption in your office during this stressful process? How do you get new team members up to speed and ensure they have the Dentrix knowledge and skills they need to succeed? Dentrix Mastery Tracks is the answer. It’s your new-hire Dentrix training program.

You have new team members. We have their Dentrix training.

Instead of having one of your more experienced team members take time away from their responsibilities to train your new team members on Dentrix, use the Dentrix Mastery Tracks courses.

Dentrix Mastery Tracks are divided into two courses. The “for Teams” courses generally apply to everyone, while the “for Managers” courses are geared toward administrators. Each course contains lessons that focus on different essential tasks based on various office roles. These lessons are designed to help team members learn to use key features in Dentrix and then check their understanding. Since the courses are online and on-demand, your team members can study whenever it’s convenient for them (and for you), and they’ll be able to start working sooner because they don’t have to wait for another team member to have free time to train them.

Take a course. Take a test. Earn a certificate.

The process is simple. Your team members take a course and then take the test that goes along with the course. When they pass the test, they earn a certificate.

There are six courses designed for team members:

  • Scheduling Essentials
  • Charting Essentials
  • Billing Essentials
  • Patient Information Essentials
  • Treatment Planning Essentials
  • Insurance Essentials

These courses are designed to give learners the information they need to perform essential tasks in Dentrix, focusing on core activities that happen within key job functions in the office. Your team members can focus their study on the skills and knowledge they need for their jobs, which means they can be ready to go to work faster.

Each course designed for team members contains multiple lessons, and each lesson is made up of several topics. Each topic includes an introduction that describes a Dentrix task and when to use it, a short video that shows how to perform the task, three to five additional tips that give extra insights about the task, and a practice exercise that helps reinforce understanding.

When your new team members have completed a course, they can take a short test to check their understanding. If they pass the test, they’ll earn a certificate to show their achievement. When combined with the rest of your new-hire onboarding training, Dentrix Mastery Tracks can help you feel more confident that new team members are ready to go to work.

Don’t worry! It won’t take too much time.

We know your office is busy and new team members may need to spend time learning other office processes while they study Dentrix. We have designed Dentrix Mastery Tracks with flexibility in mind so that you can fit it into your time instead of adjusting your time to fit the training.

Your new team members don’t have to go through an entire course or lesson at once. Each lesson has 10-15 topics, and each topic is short and will only take three to five minutes to complete. Plus, the courses are set up in a system that allows team members to mark off what they have completed as they study. That means they can study a few topics at a time when they can fit in a little training with the other things they are doing in the office. Then, when they return to the training, they’ll know exactly where they left off.

The Dentrix Mastery Tracks tests each include approximately 15 questions and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. Learners can pause a test or save what they have done and come back to the test at a more convenient time.

The program works just as well for cross-training.

Current staff members will benefit from Dentrix Mastery Tracks training too. When you have a chairside assistant who wants to work in the front office or an office manager who needs to learn how to create treatment plans, Dentrix Mastery Tracks can help prepare them for those additional responsibilities.

Even though those team members are not new to the office, they are new to that type of work and will need to learn to use Dentrix in a new way. You can use Dentrix Mastery Tracks to invest in these team members as they expand their skills and prepare for success in new roles.

Put your wallet away! There’s no additional cost to you.

All six Dentrix Mastery Tracks courses designed for team members and the corresponding tests are included in your Dentrix Customer Service Plan. You can rely on Dentrix Mastery Tracks as your go-to Dentrix resource for training new hires and cross-training existing team members. Since there’s no additional cost to you, there’s no reason not to have every member of your team take courses and tests.

Get started today! Make Dentrix Mastery Tracks training part of your office’s new-hire onboarding process and team development program. Visit to learn more about the program and see the courses that are available.


It’s easy to get started!

  1. Log in to the Dentrix Resource Center at
  2. In the Take Dentrix Courses section, click Go to Courses.
  3. Click Register to create your learner account or log in if you already have one. You will be required to create a personal username and password so you can track your learning progress.
  4. Once logged in, under Courses for Teams, click Go to Courses and find the course you want to take, and then click the corresponding Go to Course button top open the list of lesson content.


  • “The Dentrix Mastery Tracks showed me step by step how to complete a process the ‘Dentrix way.’ There is no reason to mindlessly click around trying to figure out a way to do something, when Mastery Tracks training shows you exactly how to do it step by step.”
    -Paige Lilley, Insurance/Billing Coordinator  Read full interview
  • “The Mastery Tracks program helped me learn about several features in the Dentrix software that my practice has not been using. The software is full of resources to help a dental practice run efficiently. It is exciting to learn more about how to effectively use Dentrix in its full capacity.”
    -Mahara Ibarra, Dental Assistant  Read full interview
  • “I have learned so much going through the Dentrix Mastery Tracks program. I feel like I can better assist my patients and work better with our front desk to make our office run as smoothly as possible.”
    -Lisa Dunlap, RDH   Read full interview
  • “Completing the Dentrix Mastery Tracks program opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize Dentrix could do. I learned new (and sometimes easier) ways to use Dentrix, and the tests helped me focus on the areas where I can improve.”
    -Kelli Wall, Office Manager  Read full interview
  • “Not only has it boosted my confidence, it has helped me become a better trainer for our new team members.”
    -Monica Robinett, Senior Financial Coordinator  Read full interview
  • “Earning the certificates has made me more valuable to the company, and it keeps me excited about my career choice.”
    -LaVerne McNeil, Regional Director  Read full interview

Visit to hear how Dentrix Mastery Tracks training has helped other dental professionals.

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Visit to learn more about Dentrix Mastery Tracks training and the courses that are available.

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By Erin Brisk, Senior Editor

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Summer 2017