Make Every Day a Great Day with Dentrix and CareCredit

With a little preparation and a lot of celebration, you can use CareCredit’s integration into Dentrix G7.1 (and later) to help make every day a great day in your practice.

Updated 12/1/2022

What makes for a great day at your dental practice? A day that goes smoothly where there are no changes to the schedule and no last-minute patient cancellations? Maybe a couple of your favorite patients come in and leave really happy—and leave glowing online reviews. Days like these allow you to go home feeling fulfilled with what you were able to accomplish and by helping patients achieve the smile they always wanted. They provide balance and perspective for days when things are a little less than perfect. So, how can you help ensure more great days for your practice? Here are a couple of tips that may help.

Start Each Day Off Right

It’s important to start every day as prepared as possible— prepared for the expected as well as the unexpected. For example, while you can’t control Mr. Brown getting into a fender bender and showing up late for his appointment, you can control the financial conversation regarding out-of-pocket costs for recommended treatment. With the CareCredit integration into Dentrix G7.1 (and later), you can look up cardholder information without ever leaving your Dentrix software. The information you need to have a great financial conversation with patients is right at your fingertips. It’s important to help alleviate cost concerns as early as possible in the financial conversation, so patients can focus on their dental care rather than the cost.

Celebrate Small Successes

In a busy dental practice, there’s often a lot going on during the day that makes it difficult to take a minute to acknowledge a job well done. As you move from one task to another, try to take a moment to celebrate successes, especially the small ones. Celebrating the small victories such as winning that insurance appeal, filling a last-minute hole in the schedule, or helping a patient get healthy by working together to find a financing solution is important because those are the tasks you accomplish each and every day. Something as simple as using the integrated payment feature in Dentrix that allows you to process CareCredit credit card transactions directly from the Account Page and have them automatically post back to the patient ledger can have a big impact on a busy day—saving time, streamlining the posting process, and reducing the likelihood of human error. Certainly that big case should be celebrated, as should be hitting monthly and yearly goals, but it’s the small successes that can lead to the big wins.

Dentrix offers many opportunities to create an efficient system for your team while helping more patients get the treatment they need.

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