Maximize the Value of Every Patient Visit

Take advantage of the powerful search features in the Treatment Manager to increase your revenue and maximize provider productivity.

Updated 6/30/20

Is your office getting the full benefit out of the Dentrix Treatment Manager? Most offices aren’t taking advantage of the powerful search features in the Treatment Manager that allow you to find patients who meet specific criteria to increase your revenue and maximize provider productivity.

To demonstrate how the Treatment Manager can help you, let’s look at an example of patients who need sealants. You can run the Treatment Manager to show all of the patients who are coming in for continuing care and who also have sealants planned. Then, you can contact those patients and add the sealants to their continuing care appointment to increase your production without adding a lot of time to the appointment.

If you want to narrow your search even further, you can use the Treatment Manager to find patients who meet the criteria above and are insured patients who are 14 years old or younger. Most insurance companies cover sealants at 100 percent until age 14, so those patients are even more likely to accept the treatment and add sealants to their existing appointments.

To search for specific patients in the Treatment Manager, from the Patient Chart or Appointment Book, click the Treatment Manager button on the toolbar. The Treatment Manager View dialog box appears.

This is the place where you enter the search criteria to filter the Treatment Manager list.

To set up the search parameters, under Next Appt, change the From date to today’s date and change the To date to two months in the future so that the only patients who have an appointment scheduled within the next two months will appear in the list. Then, under Procedure Code, select D1351 in both the From and To boxes so that you are searching for that specific sealant procedure code.

Next, in the Insurance group box, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click to highlight Primary, Secondary, and Primary w/o Secondary to specify that you only want to search for patients who have one of those types of insurance. Finally, in the Patient Age group box, enter 0 in the From box and 14 in the To box so that only patients who are between 0 and 14 years old will appear in the list. Click OK to run the list.

The specific patients you searched for will appear in the list, along with important information about the patients and their treatment plans and insurance benefits. And, since the Treatment Manager is an interactive module, you can highlight any of the patients and click the More Info button to view their contact information, or you can open any patient-specific modules for the selected patient, such as the Family File or Ledger.

The Treatment Manager helps you find the patients that are most likely to schedule treatment since they are already taking the time to come in. Use the Treatment Manager to make the most of each patient’s appointment time and increase your revenue.

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By Christy Rasmussen, Dentrix Profitability Coach

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Fall 2012