Measure Bone Levels with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how Dentrix Detect AI’s radiographic bone level detection technology makes it easier than ever to diagnose periodontal disease.

To make a good clinical diagnosis you depend heavily upon the information you learn from digital X-rays. Because of your proper training and experience, you can readily view the radiograph to identify areas of concern that might become serious caries and accurately identify when bone level measurements might warn of periodontal disease.

Reading these X-rays can be a subjective process. An associate on your team might interpret the same X-ray a little differently, perceiving a different severity in the measurement or detections. Meanwhile, your patients won’t know what to think about their own X-ray images without some guidance in interpreting them.

Dentrix Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, is an exciting technology that helps to bring consistency to the team and clarity to the patient. As you open each image to view on the screen, artificial intelligence also goes to work analyzing the image too. In just a few seconds, Detect AI adds an overlay to the on-screen image, showing bone level measurements and highlighting potential caries.

Potential caries appear as red rectangles, while bone level measurements indicate the severity using an intuitive color-coded system of green, yellow, orange, or red annotations. You, your associates, and your patients can clearly see the bone level classification on each tooth! Your team can then use the information as an educational tool to begin a discussion and explore treatment options with your patient.

Unlike your human team members, the computer provides consistent readings as it calculates the measurements. This eliminates the discrepancy that you might experience when different providers evaluate the same X-rays. Plus, as you hover your mouse pointer over the annotations, a tooltip reveals the actual radiographic bone level (RBL) measurement.

The tools you already enjoy using to enhance viewing X-rays, such as zooming, brightness, and contrast adjustments, won’t interfere with the experience. AI’s annotations adjust right alongside the rest of the X-ray as you move and scroll about it.

Plus, you can easily toggle the annotations on and off if you prefer to view the X-rays by themselves.

Your team–and your patients–are going to love the easy-to-understand overlays that this feature provides. With Dentrix Detect AI’s caries and radiographic bone level detection technology assisting you, it has never been easier to diagnose bone level measurements and begin those crucial conversations about treatment options!

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By Ryan Beardall, Contributing Editor