Month End Options in One Click! Using the New Close Month Window

Updated 9/29/21

The Close Month window in Dentrix G7.5 simplifies and consolidates the basic month end options for you.

If you’ve been managing a dental office for any length of time, youve probably been given advice that you need to “close the month” or “run month end. But what does that actually mean? 

Closing the month has become a catchphrase that means completing tasks and/or generating reports that finalizes the previous month and sets you on the right foot for a new month. Click here to see information about month end updates in Dentrix G7.5. Click here to learn about closing the month in previous versions of Dentrix. 

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5
and prepare your team for the upgrade.

While there are several reports and tasks that your office may choose to perform each month, there are four basic tasks that all offices should complete. 

Close Transactions

Close Transactions prevents further editing of procedures, payments, and adjustments by moving them to a “History” status. It also updates the aged balance of the accounts (30-, 60-, and 90days).

Move Clinical Notes to History

Move Clinical Notes to History locks down unsigned clinical notes so that they can no longer be edited.

Move Perio Exams to History

Move Perio Exams to History locks down periodontal exam information so it can no longer be edited. 

Reset Insurance Benefits 

Reset Insurance Benefits restarts benefits used and deductibles met for insurance plans that should begin again with the new renewal month. 

Closing the Month

You can assign these tasks (and more) to run automatically using the Dentrix Reports and Task Scheduler. However, the task scheduler can be a bit overwhelming to some users who are just looking to get the job done quickly. Also, some office administrators prefer to handle these essential functions instead of trusting them to an automatic process. In response, Dentrix G7.5 has brought back a new and improved Month End window from which you can run the basic Month End tasks! 

There are two ways to access the Month End window. In the Ledger, click Close Month on the menu bar. Or, if you’re working in the Task Scheduler, click the Close Month Now button.

At the top of the Month End window, you’ll see the last month for which transactions were closed. Using the drop-down options, choose the month and year you’d like to close. Dentrix will close all of the months up to the one you select.  Of course, Dentrix recommends that you should stay current by choosing one month before the current month.

Next, check the boxes next to the tasks to be performed. This window allows you to carry out those four essential tasks for closing the month. You also have the option to purge old appointment information from the schedule.

If you’ve already scheduled one of these tasks in the Task Scheduler, it will not be selected in the Month End window. An asterisk (*) will alert you that the task is already scheduled. If this happens, review the scheduled task in the Task Scheduler, and decide whether you want to handle it through the scheduled task or the manual process.  Click OK to run the tasks.

Closing the month is important, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Dentrix G7.5 gives you the new Close Month window where the most basic monthly options are consolidated and simplified for you!

Learn More

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5 and prepare your team for the upgrade.

Watch a video overview of the Month End feature in Dentrix G7.5, watch the on-demand webinar recording, or read the Running month end topic in the Dentrix Help.

For a more detailed discussion about the “why” of closing the month or to get information about how to close the month in versions prior to G7.5, read Why Month End is So Important.