RecordLinc and Dentrix: Send Emails Securely and Easily

RecordLinc integrates with Dentrix to provide an email solution that helps you meet HIPAA requirements and grow your practice with its extensive system of dental professionals.

It may seem challenging to meet HIPAA requirements when communicating by email with your patients and colleagues, but it doesn’t have to be. Many healthcare professionals are already aware that sending patient information through unencrypted email doesn’t meet HIPAA requirements, and many dentists are looking for solutions that help them meet those requirements. RecordLinc can help.

RecordLinc is the industry leader in encrypted email, but it is designed to be much more than that. Using RecordLinc, all types of dental professionals can send secure email messages to other dentists, labs, and patients securely and easily. But RecordLinc does even more. RecordLinc also maintains the largest network of dental professionals, so you can use RecordLinc to grow your referral network. Labs use our RecordLinc system to easily receive information electronically from dentists.

Patients can fill out basic information prior to visiting a new dentist and then securely send that information through our patient portal called MyDentalFiles. The MyDentalFiles portal is also available in the iTunes App Store.

RecordLinc also partners with non-profits such as CDA Cares, AZ Mother of Mercy, and TeamSmile through their philanthropic organization RecordLinc integrates with your Dentrix system, works on multiple devices and operating systems, and is easy to use.

What’s more, creating a RecordLinc account is free and easy to do when you go to

History of RecordLinc

In 2005, Dr. Gregory Burnett was watching the team at his Orthodontist practice get frustrated with sending messages through other encrypted email programs that were not built for the dental industry. After sharing this frustration with me, we decided to work together to solve this communication problem. We started by building RecordLinc to simply send referrals from general dentists to specialists, and later added secure encrypted emails.

Over time, we continued to expand the professional networking within the system. We eventually integrated it with Dentrix to make it even easier for Dentrix customers to securely communicate with patients and colleagues. With RecordLinc’s newest release, Dentrix users can simply click the Send Message button available on most Dentrix toolbars, and the email message is automatically routed securely through RecordLinc.

Using RecordLinc

The RecordLinc software is divided into six main tools: Inbox, Profile, Patients, Colleagues, Dashboard, and Reports. Each is discussed below.

  • Inbox — This is where you receive all messages and notifications. When you receive a message, you are notified by email, and the system takes you through an easy login process to securely view the message or notification.
  • Profile — We have over 172,000 dental professional profiles in our system, making RecordLinc the largest network of dentists in the world. Each RecordLinc user (whether they have a free or paid account) has a profile in RecordLinc. The profile makes it easy for patients and colleagues to find, connect, and view information about the dentist. This information is verified by RecordLinc and can be updated by the user who created the profile. Many industry experts call us the “LinkedIn of the dental industry.”

  • Patients — Through our integration with Dentrix, we automatically populate the patient’s area of the system with a list of your patients in Dentrix. This makes it very easy to send patients an email message and refer a patient to a specialist or lab.
  • Colleagues — Using the Colleagues tool, you can easily find and connect with current and new colleagues. Once colleagues are added, you can easily send them messages and referrals.
  • Dashboard — Offers a combined view of your Inbox, Profile, Patients, and Colleagues.
  • Reports — Lets you generate a variety of useful reports and lists from the RecordLinc system.

RecordLinc Integration with Dentrix

Dentrix is fully featured and is the most widely used dental practice management system available. But what really sets it apart from other practice management systems is how easily it can integrate with other dental products. Dentrix makes it easy for other companies like RecordLinc to build add-in applications that integrate seamlessly with the Dentrix software.

Through that integration, RecordLinc extends the functionality of Dentrix by providing a network where dental professionals can easily connect and communicate with patients and other dental professionals. Our RecordLinc system allows all types of dentists to simplify referrals, maintain compliance, and grow the practice.

Learn More

RecordLinc is constantly listening to our customers and the industry to enhance and simplify our product and network. Dentists can learn more and sign up for a free trial of RecordLinc at or contact one of our consultants by calling (415) 749-1444 or sending email to

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What Customers Are Saying About RecordLinc

“My referral network was struggling to find an electronic method to communicate effectively and securely, as the law now requires. RecordLinc has more than satisfied this need, and unlike any other option, it integrates with my Dentrix G5 database. RecordLinc greatly facilitates the sending of referrals, letters, and messages.” — Dr. Matthew Korn, Periodontist, Sacramento CA

“I looked at a lot of similar programs, and it was clear that RecordLinc had the best user interface. But what really set RecordLinc apart is the quality and responsiveness of your customer service.” —Dr. Loc Huynh, DMD, AEGD, FICOI of El Cerritos, CA

“We have partnered with RecordLinc to extend the functionality of our practice optimization system. The RecordLinc team is top notch, and the product they have built is the best encrypted email and electronic referral product on the market.” — Dr. Mitch Ellingson, DDS, CEO of DentalCloud9 and Dental Technology Expert

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By Travis Rodgers, Founder and CEO of RecordLinc Inc.

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Fall 2014