Simplifeye and Dentrix: Wearable Tech Saves Time, Drives Practice Efficiency

Simplifeye helps you save time, increase profits, decrease risk, and improve patient satisfaction.

As a busy orthodontist, I got tired of walking up to patients and not having a clue what I was doing for them that day. Every appointment began with a generic, “Hey buddy, how’re you doing today?” Now, that doesn’t happen anymore. With Simplifeye, my Apple Watch, and Dentrix, after I take a five-second glance at my wrist I immediately know the following:

  • The patient’s name
  • The type of appointment
  • Any medical alerts or allergies they have
  • When I saw them last and what I did
  • Crucial details about the procedure I’m doing today
  • Where I need to be next

Through the Dentrix Connected program, Simplifeye makes dental electronic health records (EHRs) less time-consuming and easier for dentists to use. We integrated Simplifeye technology with the Apple Watch and Dentrix so you can reference EHRs as easily as checking the time on your watch. Each day, Simplifeye takes the critical information you need from Dentrix and displays it in a personalized queue for each provider.

It’s the perfect mobile solution for a dental practice with three or more operatories, because EHRs can travel with the doctor from chair to chair.

Simply put, Simplifeye delivers the right information to your wrist at the right time. You only see the patient information relevant to you at that time, on that day. And, you don’t have to remove gloves, open a window, scroll through charts, use a keyboard, or click on a mouse to see the data you need.

Save Time and Drive Efficiency

Simplifeye helps you save time and drive efficiency in your practice. The displays are color-coded by appointment type. This allows you to triage the patients in your queue.

For example, your watch shows that the patients in Chair 2, Chair 3, and Chair 5 are ready to see the doctor. The patient waiting in Chair 2 is a hygiene check and Chair 3 is an extraction. You do the hygiene check first, clear that chair, and allow the waiting room to funnel in.

Instead of your waiting room stacking up using a first-in/first-out strategy, Simplifeye lets you drive efficiency with informed choices about who to see first in your queue. Our goal at Simplifeye is to make dentists more efficient at what they do, and what they do best is treat patients. We take care of all the headaches about where to go next, what to do when you get there, what the patient’s name is, and what happened during the previous visit.

With dental patient records on your wrist, you can save two to three minutes just getting the appointment started. By the end of the day, you’ve saved 60 minutes or more. In our product beta tests, Simplifeye decreased waiting time by 10 to 15 minutes per patient. If you normally see 20 patients a day, you could save 200 minutes or more each day. What could you do for your practice with three more hours of production per day?

Increase Profits and Decrease Risk

Using Simplifeye in your practice allows you to see more patients in a day and earn more revenue. One study showed that Simplifeye increases the doctor’s efficiency by 20 percent. That’s an additional four patients a day, or 16 days a year. If the average patient creates $90 of profit for your practice, adding just two patients per day would give you $70,000 more profit in a year.

Simplifeye gives you and your team a sixth sense about everything happening in your practice, updating displays “live” every minute. It signals your wrist when and where you need to go, keeping production flowing smoothly–no radios, light systems, or door flags needed. No more shouting down the hallway, either.

More importantly, Simplifeye helps you decrease risk in your dental practice. In a survey of 1,000 dentists, their number-one regret was not looking at medical alerts before seeing a patient. Simplifeye doesn’t let you miss this vital information.

When you tap a patient’s name on your wrist, the first thing you see is the medical alert screen. You must tap OK before you can see more information about that patient. That way, you won’t wear latex gloves walking up to a patient with a latex allergy.

With its “patient ready” signals, Simplifeye also prevents the risk of leaving a patient alone in the chair while someone finds the doctor.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Using Simplifeye with Dentrix can improve patient satisfaction in three ways:

  1. It reduces wait times, so patients don’t spend as much time at the dentist.
  2. It demonstrates that your practice is keeping up with the latest technology.
  3. It enhances doctor-patient communication.

With Simplifeye, providers in your practice can glance at their wrist, greet patients by name, and ask specific questions about their visit. No more starting the appointment with, “Hey buddy, how’re you doing today?”

Also, your patients won’t have to repeat the same answers they gave to your assistant five minutes before you walked into the room. Simplifeye lets you personalize each patient’s experience in your office. This shows them you care about them as people, not just as patients.

One of the best ways to improve patient satisfaction is the follow-up call. But at the end of the day, who wants to stay late in the office and make those calls?

Simplifeye helps with follow-up calls by putting a list of patients you’ve seen that day on your personal phone. It masks your personal number so you can make calls from home (or from anywhere) on your personal phone, and your patients only see your office number in caller ID.

Where to Buy Simplifeye

There’s nothing else like Simplifeye on the market today. For personalized queues by provider, medical alerts before you see a patient, and live patient-ready signals, Simplifeye is the answer.

To order Simplifeye or request a product demo, contact Dentrix Sales at 1-800-844-633-8002, or visit our website at

As its name implies, Simplifeye is simple to install and use. The installation process takes less than 10 minutes. Once installed, you never have to worry about updates because the software updates automatically through the web.

Simplifeye is also compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 9.3 or later.

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By Ryan Hungate, Simplifeye co-founder and co-CEO

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Summer 2017