The Daily Huddle Report

Discover how to use Dentrix to plan for a productive day, month, and year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—to analyze data, reflect on obstacles overcome, and set goals for the year ahead. Once goals are set, the team should continuously communicate and monitor those goals throughout the year. As Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets improved.” The daily huddle is a “business scorecard” that can increase profitability while also assisting the team in providing excellent patient care.

Dental teams work together more effectively using the Daily Huddle Report. The Daily Huddle Report shows daily progress toward monthly goals and includes information about patients’ scheduled appointments for a given day. Most importantly, the Daily Huddle Report helps practices improve patient care and overall business operations in the most efficient way.

Daily Business Scorecard

Henry Schein One surveyed customers across the U.S. about their daily huddle routines. The survey results showed that over 40 percent of practices have difficulty holding huddles every morning because they lack the time to manually gather all the information to make daily huddle meetings effective. However, using the customized Daily Huddle Report, the average practice can save at least 60 minutes a day!

You can customize the Daily Huddle Report to give the dental team a snapshot of what was accomplished yesterday for production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling. It also provides month-to-date totals as well as scheduled production compared to monthly goals set.

Improved Patient Care

Cindy Sipe, Manager of Henry Schein One Practice Consulting says, “Use the Daily Huddle Report to celebrate yesterday’s wins and learn from the mishaps. Spend the majority of this valuable time to plan for a new day and the opportunities to manage the schedule with forward motion so your patients receive comprehensive care.” The Daily Huddle Report helps practices provide excellent patient care by informing each team member about relevant patient information. The report can be customized (and preferences saved) to show the specific, relevant information about each team member’s interactions with a patient.

For example, the financial or schedule coordinator would want to see if the patient has a balance or is eligible for insurance benefits. An assistant or hygienist would want to see if the patient has medical alerts or was referred to another provider at a previous appointment. By using the Daily Huddle Report and customizing it to the practice’s unique needs, team members can improve the overall flow of information and optimize patient care.


Dentists and team members are busier than ever, running a business while providing excellent patient care. The Dentrix Daily Huddle Report helps them better achieve both of these tasks — and saves time — by making all this valuable information available with only a few mouse clicks. Investing between 15 and 20 minutes to review this report each day can mean reaching that next level of care your patients expect.

During the daily huddle, the team should be encouraged to celebrate wins and track progress from yesterday while ultimately focusing on how they will accomplish goals for the day and month. Practices are able to take a proactive approach to monthly goals and adjust strategies accordingly, instead of reacting to totals at the end of the month, this boosts overall productivity and profitability. As you welcome the new year, let the Daily Huddle Report help take your practice to the next level and achieve your daily, monthly, and yearly goals!

Running the Daily Huddle Report

  1. Open the Office Manager and click Analysis > Practice Advisor.
  2. Click Practice Advisor Setup to specify how the active patient base will be calculated and which providers will be counted as dentists and hygienists, since those settings affect both the Practice Advisor Report and the Daily Huddle Report.
  3. Close the Practice Advisor Setup dialog box and click Daily Huddle Report to set up the report options and run the report.
  4. In the Daily Huddle Report dialog box, set up the options to filter this report. You can include production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling statistics. You can also choose to include a summary of scheduled patients in a grid format, a list of scheduled patients, a phone list for scheduled patients, and route slips.
  5. After you have set up the report options, click Preview to generate the report.

Learn More

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By Katrina Beason
Henry Schein ONE Practice Consultant
2022 Practice Consulting “Shine” Award Recipient