Understand Today’s Patients More Effectively Using the Daily Huddle

Start off on the right foot each day with a morning huddle to identify patient situations you can address during their appointments.

Why should you have a morning huddle? The morning huddle is vital to the success of your day. Remember when you had to spend a good part of your day going through patients’ appointments, the Patient Chart, Ledger, and Family File, to gather all the information you might need for tomorrow’s morning huddle? Those days are over! The Daily Huddle Report in Dentrix can give you all the information you need for your morning huddle in one report.

The goal of every dental practice is to increase production and collections. When you achieve these goals, you have happy dentists and team members, which can result in less stress and a happy work environment. Having a morning huddle can help you to reach these goals.

The Daily Huddle Report gives you many filtering options, which include sections for production, collections, and case acceptance, plus information about new patients and scheduling statistics. There is also an option to include a scheduled patient summary, which you can customize with the information you want to know about patients coming in for appointments. Once you have set up report filters, you can preview and print the report.

Some of the patient information you will see in the Daily Huddle Report includes:

The Daily Huddle Report helps you to be more aware of the important details connected with each patient appointment so you can better serve your patients and improve overall office efficiency.

I recommend that you start implementing daily morning huddles that include using information you can generate with the Dentrix Daily Huddle Report—and then acting on it! For example, the Daily Huddle Report tells you which of today’s patients have unscheduled treatment, so be sure and talk to them about those procedures that still need to be completed. You know which patients have outstanding balances—collect from them before they are seated for today’s appointment. You have the tools to be more effective and more productive right at your fingertips! Use them.

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View the Daily Huddle section in Dentrix Help for step-by-step instructions and to generate the report.

If you found these ideas helpful, you may be interested in learning more about the Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program, where these and many other great concepts, strategies, and ideas are taught to you and your team by one of our highly skilled and experienced profitability coaches. 

By Lisa Koenig, Henry Schein One Practice Consultant