Upcoming Events

Discover the upcoming webinars and events you can attend and on-demand webinars you can view to learn about features and solutions that help you get the most out of Dentrix.


ThriveLIVE 2024

May 2-4, 204

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

You’re invited to the Ultimate Dental Team Retreat! THRIVELIVE 2024 is guaranteed to be an action-packed weekend of education, networking, and cutting-edge technology.


AI-Powered Periodontal Care: Enhancing Diagnosis and Instrumentation

Join Dr. Kenneth Canzoneri as he discusses his successful integration of AI into his dental practice, showcasing how it confirms diagnoses of caries and RBL while enhancing patient satisfaction. 

Simplify Patient Billing: 3 Easy Tips

Join us as we discuss essential strategies to help simplify billing and payments that will save your office time, reduce manual processes, and increase cash flow.

From Good to Great: Proven Strategies for Rapid Dental Growth

Learn how to instantly boost production in your dental office!

Unlocking Precision in Dental Hygiene:
AI-powered Diagnosis and Instrumentation

Learn how the implementation of AI into your practice can help speed your diagnosis, instrument choices, and treatment options.

Maximizing Your Payment Potential

Discover Dentrix’s integrated payment solution capabilities, so you can improve the way you run your practice and streamline your daily workflow.

Elevate Your Dental Expertise: Non-Fluoride Solutions
for Caries Prevention

The Dental Practice Guide to Achieving Success and Avoiding Burnout

Industry experts share four secrets to boosting your productivity and efficiency so your practice can make changes that help you realize lasting success.

AAP Classifications: A System That Works

Join us for this FREE APP CE credit and Voice AI Dictation webinar.

Mastering the Art of Patient Financing, Billing, and Collections

Learn hands-on strategies for patient financing, modern payment practices, and effective communication strategies.

5 Key Benefits of AI in Dentistry: Better Outcomes with Detect AI

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how AI can help you increase the detection of caries and RBL.

AI-Powered Voice Recognition Technology
to Optimize Patient Care

Discover the potential benefits of utilizing integrated voice recognition in an electronic dental record (EDR) and patient management system to improve data collection, treatment planning and patient counseling for optimal patient care.