Upcoming Events

Discover the upcoming webinars and events you can attend and on-demand webinars you can view to learn about features and solutions that help you get the most out of Dentrix.


Medical Billing—The Game Changer for Dental Accidents

Get paid for what you’re doing.

June 15, 2022

11:00am MT

Don’t Let Bad Data Squander Your Profitability

Boost your profitability by improving data entry into your Dentrix system.

June 15, 2022

12:00pm MT


5 Ways to Improve Your Recall Patient Satisfaction

Streamlining your recall workflow sets you apart from the competition and makes your job significantly easier.

Dynamic Strategies to Improve Patient Retention

Free on-demand webinar to learn key tips on keeping your schedule full.

Dental Practice Growth Virtual Summit

Experts in practice communications, marketing & growth analytics discuss growth.

Best Practices for Getting Money Off the Books and in the Bank

Learn the best practices for optimizing and accelerating billing and collections processes to improve cash flow and practice profitability.

Avoid Expensive Practice Management Mistakes

This is your opportunity to learn strategies to keep your practice running smoothly and prevent stressful setbacks.

Boost Practice Productivity and Patient Care

Get a Sneak Peek of Our New “Voice” Product, Dentrix Voice Perio +

3 Reasons Patients Love Electronic Billing

Learn how Dentrix QuickBill Email can help you give patients the tech they want while helping you build trust with simple, safe payment methods.

Turn Your Data Into Dollars

Use your practice’s data to improve profitability and business performance.

How to Get Started with Patient Engage Online Booking

Now it’s easier than ever to help your patients book their own appointments. With Patient Engage online booking, you can control the specifics of your schedule—while letting your patients book an appointment any time of day or night.

Dentrix G7.5 New Features Webinar

Discover the Month End process improvements, insurance enhancements, and other exciting features
in the release and prepare your team for the upgrade.

3 Ways Electronic Billing Increases Profitability

Learn how to accelerate your billing process and give patients more convenient ways to pay.