Upcoming Events

Discover the upcoming webinars and events you can attend and on-demand webinars you can view to learn about features and solutions that help you get the most out of Dentrix.


ThriveLive 2022 Event

Learn from world-class clinical, business management and technology experts on how to grow your practice.

April 7-9
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

3 Reasons Patients Love Electronic Billing and Payments

Learn how using Dentrix QuickBill Email can build trust with your patients by providing them with convenient and safe payment options.

February 15, 11:00am MT

How to Get Started with Patient Engage Online Booking

Now it’s easier than ever to help your patients book their own appointments. With Patient Engage online booking, you can control the specifics of your schedule—while letting your patients book an appointment any time of day or night.

February 15, 11:00am MT


Increase Your Collections without Increasing Your Workload

Learn about ways QuickBill Email can help you improve your collections and
get insights about how to use QuickBill Email.

Closing the Year in Dentrix

Learn why closing the year is so important, get the steps to do it (no matter which Dentrix version you are using),
and discover tips to automate the process.

Dentrix G7.5 New Features Webinar

Discover the Month End process improvements, insurance enhancements, and other exciting features
in the release and prepare your team for the upgrade.

Better Together: Dentrix Pay and Dentrix QuickBill Email

Learn how to send electronic billing statements and get payments quickly, inexpensively, and instantly by combining Dentrix Pay and QuickBill Email!

Master the Metrics that Matter

Learn how to use the Dentrix Practice Advisor reports to help streamline office workflow, improve patient care, and maximize your profits.

3 Ways Electronic Billing Increases Profitability

Learn how to accelerate your billing process and give patients more convenient ways to pay.

Understand the Potential of Medical Billing

Learn the potential of adding medical billing to your dental practice with answers to frequently asked questions.

Submitting Clean Claims with Dentrix

Learn key tips on submitting clean claims with Dentrix by understanding steps to follow to reduce denied claims.