Upcoming Events

Discover the upcoming webinars and events you can attend and on-demand webinars you can view to learn about features and solutions that help you get the most out of Dentrix.


Discover Smart New Ways to Use Dentrix

Get dozens of our favorite tips in these three-hour seminars.
Fall Seminars taught in Irvine, CA, Alpharetta, GA, Dallas, TX, and Lisle, IL.

Dates and locations vary

Visit Booth #4025 at Greater New York Dental Meeting

Learn how your practice is improved when your technology connects,
shares data, and streamlines your digital workflow.

November 25-30, 2022

Closing the Year in Dentrix

Closing the year in Dentrix doesn’t have to be stressful. Let an expert show you how to do it!

December 14, 2022

11:00 MST

ThriveLIVE 2023

Enjoy three days of world-class education, world-renowned speakers, and cutting-edge technology.

May 4-6, 2023

Las Vegas, NV


End-of-Year Best Practices in Patient Engage

Learn how to use Patient Engage to send your end-of-year benefits email.

10 Time-Saving Treatment Planning Tips

Discover shortcuts and tools to make treatment planning and case presentation easier.

Building a Winning Team PART 2

Learn how you can find, attract, and preserve high performing talent.

The 13 Dental Billing Processes That Make or Break Your Practice

Learn strategies to implement winning systems to maximize your practice collections.

Medical Billing: Your Key to Getting YES

Learn how medical insurance could be the key to getting more yeses.

Dentrix G7.8 Reports—A New Way to View Your Practice Information

Learn about five new Dentrix reports you can use to evaluate your practice.

Dentrix G7.6 and G7.7 New Features

Learn about exciting new features available in the latest versions of Dentrix.

Build a Winning Team PART 1

Learn how you can make your office more attractive to current and prospective clients.

Keep Your Hygienists Happy and Productive

Discover 3 keys to profitable hygiene in spite of a challenging market.