Updox and Dentrix: Care Coordination Solutions to Maximize Revenue and Performance

Learn how Updox can help your practice lower costs, increase revenue, enhance workflow, maximize staff time, and increase efficiencies.

Busy dental practices don’t have time to be slowed down by paper-based processes, disconnected communication channels, or an inability to engage

patients. What if there was a platform that lowered your overhead costs, supported secure message exchange with providers and patients, and was as simple to use as email?

Meet Updox! We’re a certified Dentrix Connected solution that provides a cohesive care coordination suite fully integrated with Dentrix G6. Updox for Dentrix lets you shift your focus more to patients and less to management of multiple applications from various technology partners. If your practice is looking to lower costs, increase revenue, enhance workflow, maximize staff time, and increase efficiencies, your practice is ready to Updox!

Updox for Dentrix offers several benefits to help drive practice efficiency.

Engage Patients

Updox for Dentrix offers an enhanced patient experience with an easily implemented and cost-effective patient portal for complete patient engagement. The Updox patient portal is intuitive and simple to use, offering several features to reduce the costs of getting information to your patients, increasing

patient engagement, securely exchanging messages about care, and providing ways to increase practice revenue.

From scheduling requests to online payments to follow-up questions after procedures, the patient portal makes it simple and fast for your patients to communicate with your practice.

Digitize Workflows

The average dental practice spends about $162 every month on faxing. For every 5,000 fax pages, these costs include about $72 on toner, $50 on paper, and $40 for each monthly fax line. On top of that, there is the staff cost. Consider that office staff spend about two minutes per fax–going to and from the fax machine, manually dialing numbers, printing and filing transmission reports, scanning faxes into charts, and locating or duplicating work to find faxes or fax them again. Now, think about the number of faxes your practice sends and receives every day. Multiply each of those two-minute segments by the rate you pay your office staff and add up all the costs–that’s how much faxing is costing your practice. There is a better way!

Updox offers an electronic web-based paperless process that puts that money back into your wallet. Your fax arrives as a PDF.

Depending on where it came from, it can be queued to arrive at one specified inbox.

For example, lab reports go to one inbox, referrals to another, and so forth. That PDF can be divided up page by page so that only the necessary pages are routed, filed, or refaxed. Online editing tools let you edit faxes to add information, make notes, highlight key information, date items, redact data or personal information, or insert a signature. Everything is electronic; nothing needs to be printed or scanned. Then, that edited fax can be routed for review, faxed back, and filed in the Dentrix patient chart–all at the same time.

And with Updox, if that return fax number is busy, there’s nothing else to do. We’ll continue to resend until it goes through, and you can easily check the status to see when it was delivered. With Updox, there’s no printing, copying, scanning, walking faxes around for signature, or adding to stacks of paper waiting to be filed in charts. Updox for Dentrix lets you focus more on patients and less on paperwork.

Communicate Securely

Updox is also the leader in Direct secure email, a web-based, HIPAA-compliant communications channel used to connect healthcare providers. Direct has become the preferred channel to communicate private health information between care team members, including transitions of care, lab/test results, patient communication, and referral information.

With Updox for Dentrix, dentists can use secure Direct email to easily connect with physicians, expand referral networks, and join care integration teams. The Updox Direct Network includes the vetted addresses of nearly one million healthcare providers.

Updox to Go

Another way Updox saves time and improves efficiency is by being fully mobile. When you are out of office, at another office, on the road, or taking a well-deserved vacation, it’s easy to log in to your universal Updox inbox. All your faxes, portal messages, and Direct emails are in one spot, making it simple and convenient for you to quickly review and respond from your phone or mobile device.

Updox is a Trusted Dentrix Partner

Because of the new Dentrix Connected certification, Updox solutions are available in an easy, integrated component to Dentrix G6 customers. Updox is a no-risk option. We’re a month-to-month service with no long-term contracts. We’ll get you up and Updoxing quickly with free setup, training, and phone and email support. Plus, you can start today with a free 15-day trial. More patient time, less paperwork–that’s the Updox promise. If you’re ready to maximize your practice performance, you’re ready for Updox–Where Healthcare Connects.

Learn More

Learn more about Updox and start your free trial today at www.updox.com/updox-dentrix.

Visit https://www.dentrix.com/products/dentrix-connected to find more Dentrix Connected partners.

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By Aisling Babbitt, Director of Marketing

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Winter 2016