Your Data Could Be a Catalyst to Increase Your Dental Practice Production

Discover three key data areas you should focus on to help improve your revenue and growth.

Knowing your practice production is inarguably an essential and trackable KPI. Your production has a direct influence on your revenue, cash flow and income. Thankfully, Dentrix has key data about your production that, when properly used, can help you improve your revenue and growth. The following three areas of focus can help you gain better insight on how to enhance your production.

1. Schedule Analysis

This includes more than glancing at your schedule volume; you should also analyze the time you spend with those scheduled patients.

Determine how much time can you realistically save for each hour of scheduled treatment, and then turn that time into more production. Even five or 10 minutes saved per procedure can quickly add up over six months or a year. Be careful to also consider team availability and your ability to maintain procedural efficiency without compromising care standards.

2. Comparison of No-Shows to Treatment Value

Ultimately you want to eliminate or lower your no-show percentages. Determine what treatment is being missed by scheduled patients who fail to show, and then set a target percentage for no-show reduction. You can quickly calculate your increase in production time when you reach your target.

3. Systemized Patient Follow-Up

Establish a process for documenting why patients haven’t scheduled, rescheduled, or returned for routine dental care. This data can provide insight into how you communicate with them for follow-up treatment.

• Know individual patient preferences. Do they respond best to email, text, reminder postcard, or phone call? Flag this data in the Dentrix Family File.

• Log their reasons for cancellation. Life events or a specific “season of life” are important for notation and reference in their patient data.

• Focus on reactivating patients of record. Even though time since their last appointment could create unfamiliarity, remember that they still have a history with your practice.

Increase Your Production By Monitoring Your Data on an All-In-One Dental Dashboard

Production improves when you can leverage your data. With Jarvis Analytics for Private Practices, you can unleash dark data deep inside your practice so you can track and view everything in real time, find hidden production opportunities, and fill your schedule. With Jarvis Analytics and its integration with Dentrix, your data becomes the engine for your growth.

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