Introducing Integrated
Payments with Dentrix Pay

Improve cash flow, enhance reliability, and save time with integrated credit card payments.

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Tackling Insurance Hurdles Together

We want to work with you to resolve

issues in the changing dental insurance landscape ahead.

Product Management

Business of Dentistry

The Value of Your Dental Hygiene Team

Measuring hygiene team key performance indicators can help you improve patient care and practice revenue.

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feature article

Schedule Routine Tasks and Reports to Run Automatically

Let Dentrix close the month and generate reports for you.

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Dentrix Letter Merge vs. Quick Letters

Learn how and when to use these time saving tools in your dental software.

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The Dentrix Office Manager

tech notes

Keeping Your Patient
Data Off the Dark Web

Take steps to secure sensitive patient data from becoming the next records for sale on the dark web.






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Important Payor Notifications

Announcing New Insurance Payor Connections







Tips and Tricks


Visit the Dentrix Tip Tuesday blog to find tips to make your job easier and your practice more profitable.








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imagn® and Dentrix: Strengthening Practices and Improving Patient Care with Dental Sleep Medicine

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