AI Could Revolutionize Dentistry

By analyzing X-ray images, AI tech can enable faster, more accurate diagnosis that enhance quality dental care.

Originally published on, July 2023

New forms of artificial intelligence are already changing how we write, communicate with our doctors and even create art. But the rapidly evolving technology could soon have a permanent fixture in a more sensitive environment: our mouths.

Hundreds of dental offices across the U.S. are now using AI-powered X-ray imaging technology from Boston-based VideaHealth. The software helps dentists deal with routine procedures, such as identifying cavities, as well as spot more serious conditions, including periodontal disease, or bone loss within the mouth often linked with diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

The overarching goal is to use AI not only to improve patients’ oral health, but also to identify potential risks for non-oral diseases, VideaHealth CEO Florian Hillen told CBS MoneyWatch.

“I was at MIT doing AI research in breast cancer, chest X-rays and the entire radiology spectrum,” he said. “And I realized that AI in dentistry can have an even greater impact in society and health than maybe any other health care domain.”

AI’s ability to discern patterns and correlations in vast sets of data make it a potentially powerful tool in clinical settings, especially in diagnosing medical conditions, according to health care experts. And Hillen believes dentistry can tap into the technology’s power to help diagnose a range of other medical conditions.

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By Sanvi Bangalore, CBS MoneyWatch