3 Billing and Collection Options to Empower Patients

Learn how empowering patients with easy-to-use payment preferences improves collections.

Empowering your patients with multiple convenient payment methods to pay for dental services rendered — from mail to email to text—gives them the convenient payment options they expect. As you plan for expanding these billing and collections options, you will continue to make it easier for patients to pay and make it much more likely that you will be paid promptly.

How can you help your patients help you collect easier and faster? Consider these three suggestions:

  1. Educate your patients about convenient billing options and ask their preferred method. Explain to your patients the billing notifications they can choose and find out from the patient which they prefer. Determine if this is a one-time preference or if this is the method they’d prefer going forward.
  2. Don’t assume billing preferences based on age. While there are generational preferences for one billing method over another, don’t assume an older patient prefers a mailed paper bill and a younger person prefers to receive notifications via text. Explain the options and convenience to patients and allow them to choose what’s most convenient for them.
  3. Help your patients consider their options. Offer additional billing delivery methods to enable the patient to try out notifications and payments using a different method. For instance, if the patient usually receives a paper bill via mail, offer to also send a convenient notification to the patient’s email address and explain the convenience and postage savings to the patient.

Dentrix QuickBill Premium – All-in-One Solution for Billing and Collections

A single, integrated solution that supports multiple payment methods allows practices to cater to their patients’ billing and payment preferences. The easier it is for patients to pay their bill, the more likely they are to pay it. Dental practices that consistently receive prompt payments for services have learned the value of making the payment process as simple and straightforward as possible.

When you make the switch to Dentrix QuickBill Premium’s mail, email, and text billing and collection features to increase your practice’s cash flow, you’ll not only make payments more convenient and faster to pay for your patient, but you’ll benefit from a less labor-intensive process for your staff, with many potential time and supplies savings.

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