3 Ways to Increase Production in Your Dental Practice

Grow your dental practice using these methods over the next few months.

Updated 6/30/20

Growing your dental practice can be accomplished in different ways. To increase production, you can try all three of these, or talk to your team about making one change a month over the next few months.

Raise Your Fees

Have you had a look at your fees lately? If it’s been a while since you have raised them, contact your Henry Schein Representative and ask them to do a fee analysis of your practice. This analysis will let you know if your practice fees are comparable with your geographical area and what the average fee is for procedures. If you decide to raise them, you can easily go into the Dentrix Office Manager to Maintenance > Practice Set Up > Fee Schedule Set Up. Then select your Office fees and click the Auto Changes button. Decide whether to increase your fees by a percentage or a specific amount, and click OK to save.

Schedule Patients’ Next Recall Visit Before They Leave Your Office

When a patient is finished with their recall appointment, make sure the hygienist is scheduling that patient’s next recall visit before they leave. Your hygienists can emphasize the importance of scheduling the recall visit and offer the patient a day and time. How great would it be to have the next 6 months of hygiene patients already scheduled? Dentrix helps remind hygienists to set up the next recall appointment by automatically asking if you want to schedule the next appointment once the treatment is set complete. The answer should always be YES!

Design An Effective Confirmation Process

Many practices can lose up to 10% of their production annually to last-minute broken appointments or no-shows. Having an effective confirmation process can help minimize these losses. In this day and age of technology, statistics show that people prefer a text message or email message to confirm their appointment. Having a system that automatically sends out text or email message reminders is highly recommended. You can send out reminders about appointments, overdue recall, or future due recall that is not scheduled. Patient Engage offers this feature. How much time and money would this feature save your office?

Learn More

If you found these ideas helpful, learn more about the Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program, where one of our highly skilled and experienced profitability coaches teaches you and your team these and many other great concepts, strategies and ideas.

By Lisa Koenig, Henry Schein One Practice Consultant