Accelerate Payment Processes (And More) With Billing Technology

Dentrix QuickBill offers a system to support your billing and payment processes, ensuring accurate data that leads to efficiencies throughout your practice.

If there is one thing we all do in life, it’s make mistakes. If your team is manually entering billing and payment information, it’s inevitable that you will make manual errors, costing you time and slowing down your cash flow.

The right billing technology automates processes to minimize those mistakes and help you get paid faster. Here are three key benefits of switching to an electronic billing solution.

1. Reduce Manual Processing

How much time do your team members spend processing billing and payments manually? With an electronic solution, you can reduce much of your manual processing. Specifically, when your practice solicits payments from patients, you can skip the labor-intensive system of printing, stuffing and mailing paper statements.

With Dentrix QuickBill, you can have paper statements sent with just a few clicks of the mouse. And Dentrix QuickBill Premium allows you to send statement notifications via text message or email, eliminating paper entirely for the growing number of your patients who prefer to view and pay their bills online.

2. Improving Data Accuracy

An electronic billing and payment system also improves the integrity of your practice data, especially your revenue data. If your solution also integrates with your practice management software, patient payments are entered into the ledger automatically, with no manual entry required.

Both Dentrix QuickBill and QuickBill Premium offer a system to support your billing and payment processes, ensuring accurate data that leads to efficiencies throughout your practice and improved cash flow.

3. Replacing Human Error with the Personal Touch

Improved efficiency through automation impacts your dental practice for your staff as well as your patients. Your team is going to appreciate being able to focus on patients where they used to spend time stuffing envelopes or manually entering billing and payment data—and then double- or triple-checking the accuracy of what they entered.

Your patients are likely going to notice those personal touches that your staff members have more time for. If they’re pleased with your customer service, their increased loyalty may help expand your patient base. And with the right billing technology, your payment processes will be able to keep up with your growth.

Effective systems and solutions positively impact many areas of your practice, not just revenue cycle management.

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