Consumer Mindset: Don’t Mess with their Discounts

Today’s consumer expects to save. Discover how to meet the needs of patients while improving case acceptance.

Many of us have seen the State Farm commercials where consumers go to extreme lengths to preserve their safe-driving discounts. This messaging appeals to consumers because while exaggerated for humorous affect, the frame of mind is accurate. Discounts make us feel like we won!

Today’s consumer expects a deal on any transaction and may refuse to purchase without a special offer. Two out of every three consumers now look for coupons before making a purchase, and 75% expect discounts and special offers.

You can see this in action in any store that regularly offers great deals, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. Shoppers know the store consistently provides 20% off coupons and are determined to use them. If they forgot to bring their coupons, they may use their phones to search the web for a coupon or put their items back and wait to purchase until they have a coupon in hand.

This consumer behavior spans all industries including dental care, particularly when it comes to patients who are uninsured or cash-paying. Even if they can afford the treatment, their brains are trained to want to save and they may postpone treatment until they can find a way to pay less than the standard rate. This may include negotiating a lower rate directly with their dentist, joining a plan that lowers their dental bills, or finding a dentist with lower rates.

What Does this “Discount Demand” Mean for Dentists?

Consumer preference is set to alter the way in which practices communicate and do business. While coupons and promotions may not be traditional in the healthcare industry, there are other existing ways in which practices can meet this demand and increase treatment case acceptance rates without offering coupons.

Dental savings plans provide patients with the feeling of getting more for less while removing any negotiations between practices and their patients. Practices have shared that many of their uninsured patients who have a dental savings plan complete their treatments at a much higher rate compared to those without one. Another plus for practices is the fact that dental savings plans do not require any paperwork for office staff—practices get paid cash at the time of service.

Retain, Reach, & Reactivate Today’s Consumer is now available right inside Dentrix G7.6 and later, giving practices the ability to enroll uninsured and underinsured patients into a dental savings plan right inside Dentrix. With on-the-spot enrollment, patients can get the savings they seek right away when booking their next treatment. Participating in dental savings plans can also help practices attract new savings-driven patients and get inactive patients back for their treatment by offering the savings they desire, and the quality dental care they deserve.

Learn More About Dental Savings Plans

If your practice accepts insurance, chances are you may already participate in the carriers’ dental savings plans, which means you can start on-the-spot enrollments right away. You can contact at or call 877-511-3720 to see which plans you participate in and upgrade to Dentrix G7.6 today to have full access to the integration and all its benefits.