Dental Marketing Made Easy: Using Social Media to Get the Best Patients

Practices who succeed on social media post quality content on a consistent basis.

Updated 6/30/20

Social media is the new word of mouth for dental marketing. Since 68% of all U.S. adults use Facebook , it’s important for you as a provider to have a strong presence where your patients hang out. The challenge is knowing how to put social media to work for your practice.

Practices who succeed on social media post quality content on a consistent basis. They understand that the most engaging posts are of patients and staff members celebrating moments that matter together. For example, dentists can celebrate a no-cavities patient exam by taking a photo with a happy child and her mother, posting the photo on the practice’s Facebook page, and inviting the mother to share it as well. However, photos and social media posts must never compromise patient privacy. That’s why it’s vital for practices to honor HIPAA rules in the process of expanding their reach online.

Patients who feel like their doctors genuinely care about them as people are more likely to post social media photos and reviews online. Building these trusted relationships gives practices a significant advantage over practices that rely on a traditional approach to patient referrals. It used to be that satisfied patients waited until a friend or family member asked them for a referral before recommending a provider or practice. Even the most supportive patients may have gone months without saying something positive about your practice, depending on whether someone asked them for a referral.

Social media activates patient goodwill as it happens. Now your practice can turn satisfied patients into advocates in real-time. This is significant since patient posts allow you to tap into their trusted circle of friends and family.

Implementing these concepts requires doctor/owner buy-in and a coordinated effort from all staff members. Daily team huddles should include a discussion about patient appointments and who is most likely to provide a social media post and review. Technology alone isn’t transformative. Adopting the right behaviors–combined with the right technology–impacts your practice in a positive way.

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By Tom Clark, Banyan Founder

As the founder of Banyan, Tom Clark believes that the most effective healthcare providers deserve the best patient relationships. With this idea in mind, Tom created the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant social media app to help doctors connect with patients online. In addition, the company now offers digital marketing, reputation management and patient communications solutions. Prior to Banyan, Tom was president and CEO of WhiteCap Dental Solutions, achieving a three-year growth rate of 625 percent. When he’s not building businesses, Tom enjoys spending time with his family and boating.

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Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Winter 2017