Managing Employee Performance in a More Effective and Contemporary Way

Build an environment where employees are more committed to and engaged in their work.

Updated 6/30/20

With a stronger and expanding economy, the labor market for good employees is getting increasingly tighter. Employers must now pay attention to long-term retention, reducing turnover, and improving employee engagement.

Today, your systems are only as good as the people running them. An engaged workforce represents the true competitive advantage in the marketplace. Why? Because dental practices are in the customer/patient service business, and to deliver high quality service, you need an engaged team.

Improving performance management begins with clarifying and communicating your vision and values. Next comes the work of establishing an organizational culture with employees. Create a culture where employees:

  • Can and will think
  • Are supported and given permission to think (within the context of your vision, mission, purpose, and values)
  • Are allowed to make mistakes, which are opportunities for learning and growth

When employees are valued for their brain, they stay; they are more committed and engaged. A fundamental requirement for successful performance management and employee engagement is trust. Trust is built by:

  • Doing what we say we are going to do
  • Demonstrating respect
  • Extending trust

An effective tool for building employee engagement and improving performance is goals. Goals are future-focused and foster individual and/or organizational improvement. Enlisting employees in the goal-setting process allows for greater ownership and accountability.

Sharing your success through bonus and incentive plans is also an integral part of performance management. Bonus plans help to:

  • Objectively reward growth and financial success
  • Lead to greater team/staff satisfaction
  • Reduce staff money-related stress

When these elements are successfully implemented, you can expect a stronger, happier workforce that will enhance your business and reduce your stress—a win-win for everyone!

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By Tim Twigg, President, Bent Ericksen & Associates

Tim Twigg is the President of Bent Ericksen & Associates. For over 30 years, Bent Ericksen & Associates has been the “go-to” resource and leading authority in human resources, employment compliance and personnel management in the healthcare industry. Tim is a published author and currently co-authors a regular column in Dental Economics. He is part of the management faculty and/or speakers’ bureau for: Career Fusion, Seattle Study Club, Jameson Management, and the Dental Business Institute. Tim is the past president of and a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and a member of the Speaking Consulting Network.

Published as part of a collection of key takeaways from the 2017 Business of Dentistry Conference, along with:

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Winter 2017