Discover the Universal Imaging Solution that Automates Image Acquisition and Streamlines Operational Workflows

Easily acquire images using 100+ imaging hardware tools all from one software solution.

Updated 9/1/2022

The best way for practice management software to manage your practice with optimal efficiency is by allowing access to the proper tools needed to manage the practice. Imaging is simply one of those tools. Like a doctor needs a stethoscope and a carpenter needs a hammer, a dental practice needs imaging. You access that imaging in so many ways that, if it is part of the practice management software, you are afforded some incredible opportunities to enhance and automate the speed and workflow of the practice.

Dentrix Imaging Center does exactly that.

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Dentrix Imaging Center is a best-of-breed product that allows clinicians to keep as many solutions as possible inside the Henry Schein One family. One product, one support, one team. All imaging modalities from multiple, different vendors can now be controlled inside one Dentrix module. Mixing and matching as needed allows freedom to choose from the best-of-the-best hardware in each category at any given time and support that hardware at the highest level directly inside of Dentrix Imaging Center—with no limitations on what can be combined.

With an open architecture, Dentrix Imaging Center is designed and delivered to better optimize your experience throughout Dentrix and the Henry Schein One platform. Cloud-ready and upgradeable, Dentrix Imaging Center allows you to acquire images from most major hardware devices directly into Dentrix, removing the need to rely on third-party products and bridges. Dentrix Imaging Center directly supports over one hundred (100) 2D, 3D and CAD/CAM devices, making it the perfect upgrade from any third-party imaging product, and the Henry Schein One team makes it simple to find out if your hardware is already supported.

Most imaging devices have matured to a level where they no longer need proprietary software and have become more of a computer input device similar to a front office scanner. Having these devices communicating more closely with practice management software allows for the ability to access images more easily for viewing, claims attachments, presentations, communications, patient education and more. There are literally dozens of places where images are needed in the everyday workflow of the practice and the more easily they can be accessed by the practice management software (mission control for the office), the more efficiently the office can function.

By requesting all your images from inside of Dentrix, you can trigger bidirectional communication that actually saves time and helps generate better results. One example of such automation employed daily by a practice is the way images such as X-rays can be requested from the practice management software and attached to claims automatically, eliminating costly errors.

Dentrix Imaging Center handles all the basic imaging interaction needed in the practice, employs state-of-the-art tools for acquisition and viewing that are second to none and follows the same concepts of automation and open architecture found in the Dentrix Ascend cloud-based imaging module. No extra fees for technical support, Twain devices, bridges, network/multiuser solutions or updates.

As imaging graduates from the early days of proprietary products into the everyday workflow of the practice, it is now time to give your practice management software the tools to do the job that it was meant to do: manage your practice.

Dentrix Imaging Center is an integral part of the dental practice and is here to help you get more out of your Dentrix system than ever before.

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