Better Together: Integrate Dentrix with CareCredit and Ease Your Day-to-Day Revenue Cycle

Discover the integrated features that can help you save time and help improve your practice.

Ever have days where running a successful dental practice feels more like a juggling act? With added pressures from the pandemic, rising patient expectations, staff burnout, and billing challenges, it can be a lot for any practice to balance. The good news? There is a way to help relieve pressures for both patients and staff simultaneously. By integrating CareCredit’s financing tools right into your Dentrix software, your staff can more easily help patients move forward with care and save time. With CareCredit, you can improve workflows by seamlessly processing payments, submitting applications at the request of patients*, and looking up important client account information—all from one screen.

Learn about other ways your practice can take advantage of the integration and help boost results while also helping more patients move forward with care.

Improve the Patient Financial Experience

More patients are expecting consumer-friendly ways to pay for their large healthcare expenses. Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly important for practices to offer convenient, flexible payment solutions that can help provide peace of mind and make individuals feel like they’re in control of their own care. The CareCredit credit card offers your patients a dedicated financial solution that makes it easier to fit out-of-pocket costs into their budgets and feel prepared to move forward with the dental care they want and need. Plus, CareCredit is already integrated into your Dentrix platform, so you can easily access cardholder information, process transactions, and submit applications at the request of patients* directly on one screen. The only step left for you to take is to ensure your software is updated to the G7.1 version or later.

Additionally, by having all of this information in one platform without needing to log in to a separate portal, you have the necessary insights to help lead a great, confident financial discussion with patients. This is especially important as patients seek higher levels of engagement and cost transparency. You can focus on their specific needs by accessing the right information about appointments, insurance, treatment plans, and payment options. And, when non-cardholders want to apply for CareCredit, their information is automatically transferred to the application. Simply fill in a few fields, click Submit, and receive a credit decision within seconds. It’s that seamless.

Did you know? While 98 percent of cardholders say CareCredit meets
or exceeds their expectations, 45 percent of cardholders say they would
have postponed or decreased their procedure’s scope if CareCredit was not available.**

Help alleviate cost concerns as soon as possible by offering advice and clearly discussing payment options with your patients early in the care journey.

Automate and Simplify Processes

Another key benefit you can enjoy from the CareCredit integration is an auto-payment feature that can help save you and your staff valuable time and optimize the collections process, especially as you continue to weather the storm of staffing shortages and outstanding balances. In Dentrix, you can easily process payments directly from the Account Page, and they are automatically written back to the Dentrix Ledger. This not only streamlines the posting process, but it also helps relieve stress and reduces the likelihood of human error in payment allocation.

Did you know? 76 percent of dental providers surveyed said CareCredit provides
value to their practice while 63 percent of surveyed dental providers said
CareCredit helps increase practice revenue.***

Help strengthen the revenue cycle for your practice by leveraging the integration today. By doing so, you’ll gain more opportunities to create an efficient system, spend less time on accounts receivable and billing, and help more patients get the treatment they need without delay.

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*This functionality is not available for providers in California who are prohibited under state law from submitting applications on behalf of patients for certain healthcare loans or lines of credit, including the CareCredit credit card.
**CareCredit Cardholder Engagement Study, conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey on behalf of CareCredit, Q2 2021
***CareCredit Provider Satisfaction, conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey on behalf of CareCredit, June 2021