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Updated 7/9/19

Dentrix G7.2 Completes Expansion of Health History

In late May, existing Dentrix practices gained access to the latest and greatest Dentrix update, G7.2. Building on the rich legacy of Dentrix and the G7 series, G7.2 completes the three-part expansion of Health History and adds additional new features specifically designed for Dentrix users in the U.S. and Canada. Practices who helped test G7.2 shared lots of positive remarks about the new version:

“This has been by far the smoothest update to date with intuitive new features.” P.M., Dentist, North Bellmore, NY

“The new features in Dentrix 7.2 are a welcome addition to an already good product.” J.A., Dentist, Salina, KS

Health History Conclusion

Dentrix users may recall that G7.0 introduced tools to divide Allergies and Medical conditions into separate lists, with the ability to provide unlimited entries. The practice could choose which conditions to display on questionnaires (for automatic entry into the patient’s record when completed online).

Dentrix G7.1 added fields for an Emergency Contact, a Physician Contact, and a Preferred Pharmacy in each patient’s Health History. Also added was the ability to enter and view patient medications prescribed by your office through ePrescribe or Dentrix—plus medications prescribed by other doctors (as reported by the patient). Health History pop-ups replaced Patient Alerts for health-related notifications. In addition, G7.1 added the capability to quickly locate needed health info by searching and viewing past patient questionnaire forms within the Health History module.

Now, with G7.2, Dentrix users can rank criticality of conditions. The Health History icon then changes color for each patient, based on of the types of alerts and the criticality, providing a quick visual reminder. Patient health pop-up alerts now appear in the Patient Chart even if a Health History pop-up alert is closed in the front office. For time-limited conditions such as a pregnancy, an automatic expiration date can be set when noting the condition in the patient’s record, eliminating the need to manually update the patient’s record.

U.S. Enhancements

Beginning with G7.2, Dentrix Pay (introduced in G6.6) is now on the new WorldPay payments platform and is open to users on all G7 versions. Dentrix Pay lets users charge patients right from the Ledger “Enter Payment” window using EMV (Chip) credit cards, debit cards, or NFC (Mobile payment applications) for seamless credit card payments in Dentrix. You can also save a patient’s card securely on file so you can charge it for each visit—or for recurring payment plans.

For users who transact their insurance claims through Dentrix eClaims, a new feature allows them to set up credentials just once—from any workstation—and share those credentials with all workstations. Insurance eClaims can then be processed from any Dentrix workstation.

Canada Enhancements

Dentrix users in Canada can now see the names of the Dentrix Fee Schedules along with meaningful names of the fee schedules contained in the Fee Schedule Update. Before updating the fee schedules, users can preview the changes to assure they are correct.

On-going Dentrix enhancements are designed to help enhance practice workflows, automate procedures, and reduce administrative workloads—which supports outstanding clinical care and provides more time to help patients have a great experience. To learn more about G7.2 features—and what is coming in G7.3—visit:

Announcing New Electronic Payor Connections Added in May

You can now add digital X-rays, EOBs, photos, and Perio charts to electronic claims sent to the following payors:
Payor ID         Payor Name

STR01               Starmount

STR01              Always Care Benefits

STR01               Starmount Life Insurance Company

STR01               Unum (administered by Starmount)

View the entire list of electronic payor connections using the Payor Search Tool at You can search for specific payors or download the complete payor list.

Call 800-734-5561 to enroll for eClaims for help setting up any of these services.