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Updated 1/29/20

Dentrix G7.3 Now Available!

Building on the rich legacy of Dentrix and the G7 series, Dentrix G7.3 introduces fresh tools for greater practice efficiency. Office managers and their teams can save steps attaching images and notes on eClaims, automate Dentrix update installs on each station, and apply new tools to easily adjust patient and provider credit balances.

Automatic eClaims Attachments

Not attaching all necessary images and notes to a claim can lead to claim denials and delayed payments. Dentrix G7.3 helps you avoid denials and delays by automating image attachments for eClaims (an extension of the Smart Image feature). And if Dentrix can’t find the attachment the claim needs, you’ll be prompted to add that attachment to the claim so that you don’t forget.

Click here to watch an overview video of this feature.

Provider Credit Balances Manager

Identifying and reallocating credit balances for patients and providers can be time-consuming and confusing, but failure to manage these situations can lead to inaccuracies and accounting headaches. The new Provider Credit Balances Manager and automated credit balance allocations help you find accounts and providers with a credit balance. Dentrix calculates and posts the adjustments for you without affecting patient walkout statements.

Click here to watch an overview video of this feature.

Archive Patient Wizard

Archiving patient accounts can be frustrating, especially when Dentrix is telling you that the there is a provider balance on the account but you can’t find it. The new Archive Patient Wizard saves you the trouble of trying to find and resolve provider balances. Dentrix will identify provider balances and post adjustments to the account for you so that the patient can be archived.

Click here to watch an overview video of this feature.

January 29, 2020