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Updated 09/12/22

Dentrix Changes Version Naming to Prepare for Faster Innovation

As you may know, Dentrix has recently implemented a continuous release cycle to provide smaller, more customer-focused releases. This means a faster delivery cycle, roughly every eight weeks. How does this benefit you? Smaller, more frequent releases mean higher quality versions, quicker fixes, and features heavily focused on customer feedback. With focus on these new processes, we are renaming Dentrix releases.

Moving forward, we’ll simply be naming these releases by year.number_release_in_year. As an example, after G7.9, the next version will be Dentrix 22.5. The number 22 represents the year (2022), and the number 5 represents the chronological number of that release in that calendar year. You can always find what version of Dentrix is installed by opening any module and clicking Help > About Dentrix.

We feel it is more important than ever that you update your Dentrix software regularly so you are always on the latest version of Dentrix. Recently, Dentrix released a silent automatic updater that lets you schedule when an update should run automatically. Enabling this silent automatic updater will allow Dentrix to have the latest security updates, bug fixes, and features. Remaining on older versions of software can lead to security vulnerabilities and more difficult conversions to the latest release, if Dentrix is quite out of date.

To recap:

  • Dentrix and Henry Schein One are committed to releasing solid, reliable software and doing it more often—stick with us for great new features as well as solid performance.
  • Don’t be afraid to upgrade—The latest versions of Dentrix can silently install the latest updates automatically, and we’re releasing smaller, more manageable bundles of features and fixes.
  • Our new release nomenclature and how we market releases should make it simpler to understand where you are and what you might be missing. Don’t worry about which version you’re going to! Dentrix is here to help you get up to the most current version and remain current for a better experience.

Thank you for being our customer! We’re excited to take Dentrix to new places now and in the future.

Dentrix G7.8 Available Now

New Reports Module

Automatic Online Payment Import

  • New feature added to allow QuickBill and other online payments to be automatically posted to the applicable patients’ Ledgers

Request to Pay (feature of Dentrix Pay)

  • Quickly send requests for payment to patients via text message from the Dentrix Ledger
  • Payments made using this feature will be automatically posted to the Ledger (default setting) or can instead be manually reviewed and imported if desired

QuickBill Text (feature of QuickBill Premium)

  • Send electronic statements by text message with the ability for patients to easily make secure payment online and have payment routed back to Dentrix to be posted to the patient’s Ledger

RCM Dashboard

  • Easily open Dentrix RCM Dashboard from the Ledger and Electronic Statement Submission history window
  • Dentrix RCM Dashboard provides quick access to totals and statistics for the Payments and Billing eServices used by your practice

Dentrix G7.7 Available Now

Dentrix has made and will continue to make strides to improve the database workflows and software testing requirements for Dentrix updated versions. Starting with G7.6 your office will be able to run faster with a more reliable Dentrix system. Along with improved stability, G7.7 offers new features that will help improve your office’s collections and clinical workflow.

Insurance Estimate Improvements

  • Easily process, track and review insurance claims. Insurance Estimates now show partially paid claims and procedure code allowed amounts. Find Remaining Estimates for partially paid claims directly in the claim window. The Itemized Payment window now allows you to review how amounts were calculated and make faster updates to Paid and Allowed Amounts.

Updated Gender Field

  • Improve the patient experience easily by accommodating patients who may require a third gender option in their chart.

Claim Status Notes

  • Tracking status and making edits to the claim status is now much faster and easier for your staff, helping save time.

Click the link for additional information, including how to upgrade to Dentrix G7.7.

See What’s New in Dentrix G7.6

New Business Management Features

  • Dental Savings Plans— is now integrated with Dentrix, allowing you to enroll your uninsured or underinsured patients into a Dental Savings Plan right in your office. Quickly verify patient eligibility and increase your case acceptance rates with on-the-spot enrollment. You can also see which plans your practice already participates in and request free patient marketing materials to further grow your practice.
  • Silent Updates—Free up your time while reducing the frustration of having to schedule and maintain your Dentrix system upgrades. Set Dentrix to download and install updates automatically at a specific time and day of the week.

New Clinical Features

  • Dentrix Imaging Center—Are you wasting time getting your images into Dentrix? You can automate image acquisition and streamline operational workflows with Dentrix. This universal imaging solution handles all your imaging needs so you can trust Dentrix to be the hub that manages all of your images and imaging devices.
  • Adjustable Font Sizes—Change the size of text in multiple note areas including: Clinical Notes, Ledger Payments and Adjustments, Perio Exam Information, Insurance Plan Notes, Questionnaire Setup, and many more.
  • DDX Lab Integration—Improve your imaging workflows with the new automation tools in Smart Image 2.5.8 that integrate lab case management.

Click the link for additional information, including how to upgrade to Dentrix G7.6.

Exciting New Features in Dentrix G7.5

Dentrix G7.5 release includes new feature that can help improve how you get insurance and other daily tasks done—which helps you deliver the best in patient care. This update delivers a variety of popular feature enhancement requests, like simplifying the month end process and making it easier to work with open claims, process ERAs, and open the office on a day that is closed in Dentrix.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5
and prepare your team for the upgrade.

Month End Process Improvements

Dentrix G7.5 makes it easier to manage the month end process with an updated dialog box that clearly shows what will run. Buttons in the dialog box give users the ability to run, suspend and resume the month end process. A new warning screen will show when open modules will disrupt the month end process and icons will show which reports completed successfully and which didn’t. 

  • Click here to watch the new feature video and learn more

Insurance Enhancements

Dentrix G7.5 makes it easier to manage claims (partial or secondary). You can flag a claim as partially paid, track eEOB at the patient level, and automatically attach primary EOB to secondary claim. Dentrix G7.5 also makes it easier to track insurance payments in the Batch Payments window.

  • Click here to watch the new feature video and learn more

New Appointment Book Options

Dentrix G7.5 makes it easier to open the office on days when the office is normally closed and schedule patient appointments.  

Treatment Plan Insurance Estimate Explanation Text

When you create a treatment plan case in Dentrix G7.5, you’ll see new text explaining the factors Dentrix is taking into account in creating the insurance estimates for that treatment.

Updated Perio Classifications

New AAP Periodontal Classifications are available in the Perio Chart, so you can create exam templates and record notes using the new AAP classifications.

  • Click here to watch the new feature video and learn more

Visit the Dentrix New Features page to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5 and other recent releases and to download the Dentrix G7 Release Guide.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5 and prepare your team for the upgrade.