eDossea and Dentrix: Sharing Patient Information Safely and Easily

Using eDossea helps you share patient information safely and easily.

A specialist has requested X-rays and other patient information from your dental office. Your office uses an unencrypted email program, so email isn’t an option. What do you do?

If you’re a Dentrix dentist, you call eDossea or go to www.edossea.com. In 15 to 20 minutes, you can be trained on eDossea and set up to safely share patient information with the requesting specialist. All you need is an Internet connection. With eDossea, you don’t have to install software, and neither do your recipients.

If you’re using Dentrix G5 or G6, you simply click on the eDossea icon in the patient chart toolbar.

You don’t have to exit Dentrix or open a separate program or browser window. Next, you fill out the data exchange form and select the recipient from your eDossea address book.

Then, you create a record to input details, and upload the files you want to share.

The files are encrypted by eDossea and saved in a secure web portal, where your recipient can log in through the Internet and view your files. No encryption key is needed, just the security code you assigned the recipient. When the recipient opens your file, eDossea sends you a read receipt with the date and time the file was opened.

This confirms that your file was received and prevents unnecessary resends. The entire file-sharing process takes only a few minutes.

Seamless Integration

We designed eDossea specifically for dental professionals to securely exchange electronic records. We wanted to integrate with Dentrix, and we got certified as a Dentrix Connected partner as soon as the program was available.

The cloud-based eDossea encryption and file-sharing service is faster than using encrypted email, and your recipients don’t have to pay any fees to see your files. It’s seamlessly integrated with Dentrix, so it doesn’t interrupt your office workflow to share files. “We believe it should be just as simple to send as to receive documents,” says Sam Lersten, EVP of sales and marketing at eDossea. “It only takes 15 minutes to get up to speed. Our members can share with anyone, no matter what dental software they use. And, your recipients don’t have to join eDossea.”

Since the product was launched in 2012, more than 800,000 files have been shared via eDossea. Members pay a low monthly fee, and there’s no limit on the number of files you can send. Individual file size is limited to 25 MB.

Other Benefits

There’s no software to download, no hardware to buy, and no training required–for senders or recipients. In addition to easy file sharing, eDossea provides higher image quality than encrypted email systems.

Your images arrive undistorted by the standard compression/decompression used by email. They are preserved in their original formats, so images appear clean and sharp. This reduces the number of X-ray retakes and resend requests.

In addition to X-rays, you can send referral forms, patient notes, and more. Sharing documents electronically is more efficient than printing, cheaper than postage, and faster than mailing. It also cuts down paper use. And, you know exactly when your files are received and opened, as well as who opened them.

Using eDossea also gives you a secondary storage area for your client records. You can access your client information anytime, anywhere. This provides added peace of mind in case of a computer failure, natural disaster, or power outage in your office. “If non-member recipients have a problem with eDossea, we support them and walk them through the process,” Lersten says.

Why Choose eDossea?

Consider the following experiences of three general dentists who now use eDossea:

  • Dentist A received multiple files from a dental office that used eDossea. It was easier to access these files compared to the encrypted email options they used. When Dentist A needed to safely share patient files with others electronically, she joined eDossea due to the ease she’d experienced as a recipient.
  • Dentist B used a secure email service but kept getting complaints from the offices that received his files. The receiving offices were having difficulty opening the files and said the process was too cumbersome. Dentist B got tired of fielding complaints and spending time troubleshooting how to open the files he’d sent. Another dental office recommended eDossea, saying how easy it was to use. Shortly thereafter, Dentist B decided to become an eDossea member.
  • The office manager for Dentist C, a Dentrix dentist, attended a HIPAA training meeting and came back wanting to get an encryption service for their  office. After researching several options, she found eDossea. Because eDossea was integrated with Dentrix and the others weren’t, Dentist C signed up for eDossea. Their office was thrilled with the user friendly and seamless integration with Dentrix.

Ease of use is the common theme of these experiences. Unlike eDossea, most encrypted email programs require both senders and recipients to take several steps before they can send or access protected files. These steps usually involve exiting your practice management system and opening another program, then sharing encryption/decryption keys, and other time-consuming processes.

With eDossea, you simply click a button in your Dentrix toolbar and you’re on your way.

Learn More

For more information about eDossea, visit www.edossea.com.

Visit https://www.dentrix.com/products/dentrix-connected to discover other Dentrix connected partners.

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By Arinadam Chatterjee, Founder and President, eDossea

Originally Published in Dentrix Magazine, Spring 2016