Hardware as a Service: The Future of Dental Networking

Every piece of hardware must work together to support the important work dentists do.

A digital dental practice is a complex puzzle of components. Every piece of hardware, every service and every software application must work together to support the important work dentists do. However, because dentists aren’t typically information technology (IT) experts, network issues are common for many practices. According to Rajiv Saini’s article “Information Technology in Dentistry” published in the Dentistry journal, dental practices regularly face “major impediments in the shape of systems performance and integration issues.”

These concerns drove TechCentral by Henry Schein One to solve the unique challenge of how to help dental practices achieve optimum IT success. Because network hardware components typically need to be replaced every 3-5 years, it’s common for practices to use new equipment alongside old. But how can a practice keep their hardware up to date and still ensure each component will work together? Through a suite approach, with experienced professionals hand-picking services and hardware designed to work in harmony, while also continually and proactively maintaining and updating hardware so busy dentists don’t have to stress about their IT.

Hardware as a Service

TechCentral now has an innovative proposition to simplify and streamline IT: Omnicore, a hardware as a service offering. Omnicore is an all-in-one “dental office network in a box.” The network hardware and services are all supplied, maintained, monitored and cared for by TechCentral, for a low monthly subscription cost.

With Omnicore, practices don’t have to worry anymore about which à la carte equipment and services they need, what to do when their network isn’t working, when to replace or update components or how to budget for IT surprises. Omnicore is a set-and-forget solution that enables dentists to get back to focusing on the wonderful care they give their patients, while TechCentral keeps an eye on their network with remote monitoring, proactively resolving any issues that may arise.

Omnicore comes with high-quality, business-grade equipment, with the services and support that practices need for a comfortable IT experience. It’s optimized to work with other TechCentral and Henry Schein One solutions but can integrate with other third-party hardware as well as most practice management software solutions.

An Affordable Solution

Because all Omnicore network components are managed and maintained by TechCentral, if there is an issue, it can be taken care of promptly by experienced IT professionals. Remote monitoring and repair allows our support team to help minimize expensive downtime for practices. In fact, over 90% of calls to TechCentral Support are resolved remotely.

Unfortunately, our technicians also hear from practices that built their own hodgepodge networks and then want us to replace the faulty parts they bought. Sadly, because that equipment belongs to the practice, they are stuck with the cost of replacement when it fails. Omnicore helps to eliminate that frustration. If an Omnicore subscriber has a problem with their dental network, the repair or replacement is already covered by the monthly fee, helping to eliminate nasty budget surprises.

When compared to the headaches of purchasing and replacing hardware and services à la carte, Omnicore can reduce your anxiety and your costs, with plans starting at just $500 a month.

Partnering With an Industry Leader

As a member of the Henry Schein family, TechCentral has the manufacturing partnerships and purchasing power to keep sufficient network equipment in stock for quick service and turnaround. Smaller IT organizations typically can’t afford to take on so much financial responsibility — and they usually don’t have the resources to manage such a robust platform. This is just one of many reasons why it pays to partner with a national dental IT provider like TechCentral.

Omnicore, a fully managed and maintained network infrastructure service, is the dental network of the future. It allows dentists to partner with TechCentral, a trusted dental IT organization, in exciting new ways. TechCentral is driven to help ease dentists’ IT burden and support the valuable work dentists do with their businesses and patients. Find out if Omnicore is right for your practice by requesting a free technology assessment at www.hstechcentral.com/Omnicore.

Learn More

To learn more about Omnicore, visit www.hstechcentral.com/Omnicore.

Sign up for a free technology assessment at www.henryscheintechcentral.com/.

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By Donovan Gregg, Product Manager, TechCentral

Originally published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, August 2018