How Team Accountability Leads to Practice Profitability

Find out what you should hold your team accountable for and how to help them improve.

Updated 6/30/20

Our go-to solution for increasing practice profitability is usually “do more dentistry.” To do that, we need to perform more procedures, which means getting more patients, which means doing more marketing, which means spending our profits.

But perhaps we should be thinking about it differently. Instead of always trying to do more, we should be focusing on doing better, which make us more profitable. The best way to do that? Accountability.

As a dentist, you don’t want to micro-manage your team. But you can help your team work smarter and increase profitability by holding them accountable.

Accountability Actions

Which actions do you need to be holding your team accountable for? Well, just think about the questions you ask them on a daily basis.

Use Dentrix Tools for Practice Profitability

Now that we know the actions to monitor, how do you hold the team accountable? You maximize the Daily Huddle Report and the Practice Advisor Report.

The Daily Huddle Report is beneficial to use even if you don’t have a daily meeting. For example, the first page of the report covers the business side of dentistry, and it is also the page you will use to hold team members accountable for contributing to practice profitability. The report shows you information such as actual production, scheduled production, collection percentage, case acceptance, and a new patient summary.

The Practice Advisor Report also gives you a lot of the same information, plus A/R, insurance aging, and continuing care details. Reviewing both of these reports with the team on a routine basis will help you implement accountability.

This accountability also has two beneficial side effects. One, you start becoming more aware of what is happening in your practice; and two, you begin to measure your numbers. And when you can be more aware and better use your numbers, you are on the path to more accountability and more practice profitability.

Learn More

To learn more about the Daily Huddle, read Secrets of a Successful Daily Huddle or see the Daily Huddle Report topic in Dentrix Help.

To learn more about the Practice Advisor, read Master the Metrics that Matter or see the Practice Advisor Report topic in Dentrix Help.

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By Miranda Reed, Practice Development Specialist

Published in the Dentrix eNewsletter, August 2019