Implement a Recall System That Works

Make time each week to reach out to overdue patients to keep your hygiene schedule full.

Updated 6/30/20

I am sure you have heard that hygiene is the lifeline of your practice, and that makes sense. These patients are committed—they come in twice a year, and they care about their teeth. The hygiene appointment is a great place for the hygienist to begin building a healthy patient-practice relationship that encourages patients to stay committed.

Having a recall system in place can help both your practice and your patients. Here are a few tips for implementing a system:

  • Make sure the patient is booking their next visit while they are still in the office.
  • Send out electronic reminders letting patients know when they are due for their appointment.
  • Each week, have someone follow up with patients that are overdue for treatment. While electronic reminders are a great way to reach your patients, you still need to add that personal touch.
  • Don’t forget about those patients that have not been seen for a year or longer. This is a great opportunity to reach out, reconnect, and remind them of the importance of oral health care.

We all live busy lives and sometimes we just need that extra little nudge to get us back on track. While you may be getting new patients, you also want to keep your existing patients from walking out the back door!

Start by implementing a continuing care system in your office that is manageable for your practice. Each week, make time for someone to reach out to your overdue patients and keep that hygiene schedule full.

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By Irma Loftis, Henry Schein One Practice Consultant