Increase Case Acceptance with Dental Savings Plans

Easy access to plan enrollment is now available inside Dentrix.

Dentrix G7.6 has integrated with, an online marketplace for dental savings plans that offers practices access to all the tools and resources you need to serve more patients, reduce administrative work, and grow your practice, your way.

Dental savings plans are an insurance alternative ideal for uninsured and underinsured patients, as they are affordable for consumers and yield a range of benefits for the practice. These plans activate right away, do not require paperwork for your office, and there are no restrictions based on health concerns or conditions that have already been discovered. offers more than 30 dental savings plans from top dental plan providers including Aetna, Cigna, Careington, and more, and in many cases adopt the same fee schedule as insurance. The difference, however, is that patients enrolled in a dental savings plan pay you directly at the time of treatment.

Here’s 3 ways dental savings plans can benefit your practice:

Retain Uninsured Patients is now available right inside Dentrix G7.6, giving practices the ability to enroll uninsured and underinsured patients into a dental savings plan right in Dentrix, which can help improve case acceptance. With on-the-spot enrollment, patients who may not have been able to receive their recommended treatment otherwise, can join a dental savings plan and book their next appointment with you, right at checkout. Quick activation in just 1-3 business days can ensure the patient’s next appointment is on the calendar as soon as possible also.

Reach New Patients

Participating in dental savings plans gives you access to free, consistent marketing that does not require additional resources or time. Participating dentists receive a dentist profile page on, where prospective patients can find practices that participate in their plan. With more than 2 million visits each month, you can expand your office’s online presence and increase the number of new patients coming in with a plan that won’t add more administration work to your plate.

Reactivate Dormant Patients

Accepting dental savings plans is a marketing tool that can motivate inactive patients to return and complete their treatment plans. You can receive free, customizable marketing materials from to share with dormant patients. By offering a way for them to afford the care they need, you’re able to fill your calendar with a customer base you already know. And you can enroll the patient directly in your office through the and Dentrix integration, making it even more seamless – and inviting – for the returning patient.

Learn More

If you haven’t already, you can upgrade to Dentrix G7.6 today to have full access to the integration and all its benefits. If your practice accepts insurance, chances are you may already participate in the carriers’ dental savings plans and can start on-the-spot enrollments right away. You can contact at or 877-511-3720 to see which plans you participate in and join additional plans today.