Jakari Care and Dentrix: Automate the Collection, Analysis, and Secure Sharing of Patient Information

Jakari Care makes it easy to enhance your patient experience and practice productivity while becoming a paperless office.

Offering your patients better care and more one-on-one time often requires using advanced technology in your office. You’ve already invested in Dentrix, so you understand the value of using technology to collect and analyze important patient information. But there are additional ways that you can use technology to enhance your patient experience and practice productivity while becoming a paperless office.

Jakari Care offers a solution that enables you to realize even greater value from your Dentrix investment. Jakari Care makes it easy to automatically collect, analyze, and transfer patient health history, treatment goals, signed consent forms, and other important information into Dentrix. What’s more, Jakari Care allows you to share this patient information with other dental specialists in a HIPAA-compliant manner instead of using email.

Collecting Patient Information

In many dental practices today, a new patient calls to schedule an appointment and subsequently receives a “welcome packet” containing new patient forms to be filled out before the appointment. More often than not, the patient waits and ends up filling out these forms in the waiting room.

With Jakari Care, a new patient receives a text message or an email link to an easy-to-use online questionnaire, which includes the option to digitally sign any consent forms from a personal computer at home.

For the estimated 80 percent of new patients who don’t do their “homework,” Jakari Care also provides in-office tablets (included with your monthly subscription) that can be used to complete the questionnaires in the waiting room.

Jakari Care’s questionnaires include various practice disclosures and consent forms, a medical history, social history, family history, medications and allergies, contact information, and insurance information. In addition, Jakari Care questionnaires collect detailed information about the reason for the visit and any additional information that may help you better understand the patient’s treatment goals.

Because Jakari Care is Dentrix-certified, once clinicians review and update patient-provided information, the Clinical Summaries are automatically  transferred into Dentrix. The Jakari/Dentrix Connector is easily installed on your Dentrix server or workstation and automatically uploads completed Clinical Summaries into the Dentrix Document Center for each specific patient.

Analyzing Patient Information

Jakari Care’s system automatically analyzes patient responses to the questionnaires and generates a Clinical Summary highlighting areas of concern, including patients who have oral cancer risk factors, medical conditions, or medical allergies. It also provides treatment suggestions, such as a mouth guard for patients who engage in contact sports, implants for patients with missing teeth, or a referral to a sleep specialist for patients with a possible sleep disorder. You can then review this Clinical Summary with the patient using Jakari Care tablets or the Jakari Care web portal.

According to data collected by the ADA, incomplete or out-of-date health history is the second most common record-keeping error that plays a part in malpractice proceedings. As such, the ADA recommends updating health history at every patient visit. However, without an automated system like Jakari Care, continually updating complete health history can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Jakari Care enables your practice to automatically send out short, pre-visit questionnaires that can be completed at home. Alternatively, patients can quickly update their health history, treatment goals, contact information, insurance, and other information in the office using tablets provided by Jakari Care.

The Jakari Care’s simple, friendly questionnaire format allows you to gather additional valuable information from patients. By asking basic practice satisfaction questions after patients update their health history, Jakari Care helps you identify highly satisfied patients and offers these patients the opportunity to refer a friend to the practice right from your waiting room or operatory. This gives you the chance to collect a significant number of new patient referrals. In fact, our data suggests that 10-15 percent of patient appointments, including first-time and returning patients, leave referrals via Jakari Care, which is significantly higher than the estimated 5-7 percent industry average (based on our own research and analysis of the dental industry).

Sharing Patient Information Securely

Jakari Care also offers a Jakari Referral Center that allows you to send and receive referrals to dental specialists (such as oral surgeons) using the Jakari Care tablets and web portal. The Jakari Referral Center allows you to track the progress and satisfaction level of each referral at the specialist’s office and coordinate care through the Jakari Care web portal.

Many dental practices today transmit patient information to specialists via clear-text email, which may constitute a HIPAA violation and subject you to a significant fine. With Jakari Care, your practice can share information such as X-rays, health history, progress reports, and imaging in a HIPAA-compliant manner.


Jakari Care and Dentrix are a powerful combination that can help your practice realize multiple benefits. Jakari Care can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your staff by reducing the time needed to collect patient information, update health history, and make it easier for your practice to transition to a fully paperless office. It also helps you analyze the patient information you collect so you can improve patient education, which can lead to higher acceptance of treatment plans and enhance patient care.

Jakari Care also helps you generate new patient referrals. And when your dental practice uses Jakari Care to share patient information with other providers, you can do so in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

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By Anatoly Bushler, President & CEO, Jakari Care

Originally published in Dentrix Magazine, Summer 2015