Learn How Billing by Text Means Faster Payments

Sending billing statements via text message gives patients a convenient way to pay immediately.

As you well know, waiting on payments can wreak havoc on your dental practice’s financial health. Sometimes you can’t change the circumstances that lead to non-payment, such as a patient not having means to pay. But many late or missing payments happen because patients lose track of their statements or forget to pay. And you can change those circumstances.

Sending a billing statement via a text message notification, like sending a bill via email, gives patients the option to pay immediately. What’s more, if they don’t make an immediate payment, you can set up your system to send follow-up reminder messages without creating extra cost or inconvenience to your staff. Combined with the value of a web-based payment portal, you’re giving your patients insights into their dental bills. That builds trust and positive word of mouth.

Building Office Efficiency

Online billing by text and email makes the billing process used by your office team much more efficient. The busywork of printing statements, stuffing envelopes, and processing checks as they arrive in the mail will become vanishingly rare. Instead, your team can focus on patient care and a positive overall experience. This alone can help you save money and see an immediate return on your software investment.

Your All-in-one Billing Software Solution Right in Dentrix

If you’re already using Dentrix, you have an easy upgrade available in QuickBill Premium. The QuickBill Premium solution provides Dentrix dental practices with the ability to notify patients of a balance due via email and/or text message. Patients can view their statements without having to remember usernames or passwords. Then they can pay the balance conveniently from their mobile phones, which post automatically to the Dentrix Ledger.

Your office team receives status updates each time a patient interacts with a message. For example, when they open an email, read a text, or view a statement, your team knows it. That keeps your team in the loop at every stage of patient communication. And with so much automation, your team members can spend their precious time in face-to-face communication, improving patient care.

Learn More

Watch a one-minute video on sending dental billing statements by text message with Dentrix QuickBill Premium or call 866-750-0046 to activate text billing notification.