Enroll Patients in Dental Savings Plans from Within Dentrix

DentalPlans.com integration allows on-the-spot enrollment for higher case acceptance.

DentalPlans.com has integrated with Dentrix G7.6 and later, making it easy for practices to enroll their uninsured patients into a dental savings plan on the spot and verify eligibility for patients who already have a plan. Dental savings plans are an insurance alternative for uninsured or underinsured patients that help practices reach, retain, and reactivate patients without additional administrative work.

Simple Signup for Uninsured Patients

If you accept dental savings plans already, you can start enrolling patients yourself inside Dentrix G7.6 or later via the DentalPlans.com icon in the Treatment Planner.

By accepting dental savings plans, you can increase treatment case acceptance rates among uninsured and underinsured patients by offering them a dental savings plan at checkout. Not only are you offering them a way to more easily afford their treatment, but you are also able to assist them with enrollment on the spot, in just a few minutes.

When you click the DentalPlans.com icon in the Treatment Planner, you will be brought to DentalPlans.com where you can enroll. There is no administrative or payment collection from the practice to adhere to HIPAA compliance.

Plan members will receive membership information directly from DentalPlans.com within minutes of signing up. They will receive information on how to log into their Member’s Area, where they can access a digital copy of their membership card.

Once you have their membership information, you’ll be able to go over the out-of-pocket costs with your patient and get their next treatment booked before they leave your office.

While some patients may be ready to enroll during checkout, others may want more time to evaluate their options. For those situations, plan-specific brochures can be printed or emailed to patients, helping increase the chance they return for treatment once they enroll in a plan that helps them afford care more easily.

Dental savings plans can increase treatment case acceptance rates by 40 percent compared to uninsured patients. With on-the-spot enrollment into dental savings plans, uninsured and underinsured patients can book their treatment appointment(s) while still in your office.

DentalPlans.com offers practices access to the tools and resources needed to serve more patients, reduce administrative work, and grow your practice, your way.

Learn More

To learn more about using DentalPlans.com, or to start accepting dental savings plans, you can call 877-511-3720, email pmp@dentalplans.com, or visit DentalPlans.com.

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